GROHE Red – boiling water in one click and 100% safety

On start, attention, boiling water! Need boiling water for coffee, tea or pasta? No more fumbling with the boiling water. Simply press the button on the faucet and GROHE Red will deliver boiling, filtered water in no time. The appliance is not only easy to operate, but also absolutely safe, especially for children. An option that has been tested and certified in accordance with T&Uuml V German Technical Inspection Association . Another GROHE Red advantage is the economical use of water. The system allows you to control water consumption, energy consumption and financial costs, providing the user with maximum comfort and convenience.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Design and functionality in one package

The system is equipped with a mixer tap with a universal design that will fit in any kitchen décor. In the Mono version, the spout can be installed next to an already functioning kitchen faucet. The Duo version is equipped with a mixer tap with separate water pipes, which deliver boiling and regular tap water.

GROHE Red boiler with 3 liter or 5.5 liter capacity is equipped with an integrated filter and is designed for quick installation under any sink. The pre-installed filter is available in the GROHE online store and can be easily replaced by the user without tools.

In contrast to a normal kettle or pot of water, which we heat on the stove, GROHE Red provides just the right amount of boiling water. That way if you need a lot of boiling water at once, for instance for making spaghetti, it won’t be a problem. Up to 3 liters of boiling water can be obtained at once thanks to the special “pan filling” option. Absolute comfort: after activating the fill function, you don’t have to press the button again – the system switches off automatically after 60 seconds.

Certificate T&Uuml V – the safety reassurance of GROHE Red

Safety comes first! Making a cup of tea or cleaning a baby bottle with boiling water straight from the faucet is easy with GROHE Red – without burning yourself. After all, the system is equipped with a special patented stopper that completely prevents hot water from splashing. If you take your hand off the button, the water turns off immediately.

Hardware for the home

What’s more, GROHE CoolTouch technology ensures that the surface of the faucet is always cool and won’t scald an experimental child or a pensive adult. Safety for the smallest users was at the forefront of GROHE Red.

That’s why the system is equipped with a special childproof function: to turn on the boiling water you need to press the ChildLock button for 1 second. Automatic flow switch-off shuts off the flow instantly if you remove your hand from the button. The safety of the device meets the latest standards and is certified T&Uuml V.

The perfect duo for your kitchen: GROHE Red and GROHE Blue Home

Whether you need boiling water or a cool soda, the GROHE Red and GROHE Blue Home water systems let you pour any water you want straight from the faucet! GROHE Red replaces the kettle permanently, while GROHE Blue Home replaces bottled water or individual water filtration devices. GROHE faucet systems complement each other perfectly and provide a personal source of tasty, healthy water for your kitchen.

For more information visit the grohe website

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