GROHE Eurosmart – faucets for all occasions

GROHE Eurosmart – Bathroom Sinks. Are distinguished not only by a stylish and versatile design, but also by their impressive functionality and ease of installation.

GROHE Eurosmart

The updated GROHE Eurosmart line of bathroom faucets are specialized devices that meet specific usage scenarios:

  • The hinged handles of the GROHE Eurosmart Loop model make it easier to grip thanks to its hollowed center. This makes them convenient for use by people with disabilities and in nursing homes.
  • GROHE Eurosmart for healthcare has extra long handles which allow doctors to turn the water on and off with their elbow, minimising contact with surfaces.
  • The hybrid GROHE Eurosmart is ideal when it comes to hygiene. It combines the advantages of both touchless and normal faucets. The user can choose how to turn on off the water more conveniently – the usual handle or using contactless technology with built-in sensor.

GROHE Eurosmart faucet

And to create a holistic concept of the bathroom the company suggests using ceramics and accessories, which are also included in the collection. All the elements are perfectly matched in form and function, creating a harmonious solution for the dream bathroom. In addition, the collection includes products to equip the comfort kitchen.

  • especially for do-it-yourselfers, the brand presents GROHE Start, which combines most of the benefits of the GROHE Eurosmart models with a three-in-one installation tool. All standard GROHE Start faucets come with a smart gadget that provides hassle-free installation and easy maintenance throughout the faucet’s lifetime.
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    Keep up with the latest brand news with the new GROHE X digital platform.

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