Gmini releases video recorders MagicEye HD300 + and HD700 + with more internal memory

New York, January 14, 2013. – Gmini, one of the leading manufacturers of portable electronics, in the year of its 5th anniversary releases two new models of HD video recorders MagicEye HD300+ and HD700+. These radar detectors are designed to replace well-proven detectors HD300 and HD700 that are very popular among customers. Both novelties have increased to 256 MB internal memory, which will promptly without using a computer to copy a video clip of the incident from the SD-card to the internal memory, and then back to another SD-card, for example, to a traffic police officer to attach it to the report.

MagicEye HD300+ video recorder

Capture and view images

The DVR’s built-in camera and wide-angle lens with a 120-degree viewing angle provide excellent visibility and TrueHD 1080p video capture, so no nuance of the traffic situation will be missed.

To view the recorded fragments and settings, as well as for the most accurate installation of the recorder has a bright and contrasting LCD screen diagonal 2 “(in the model HD300 + and 2.5” HD700 + . If you want to see the captured video in detail, you can connect the recorder to your TV through HDMI.

Basic feature set

New models have a full set of the most necessary for a modern DVR, making it a great choice for the car enthusiast. Including auto on/off and power on/off recording start, which will save the driver from having to watch the power on/off of the recorder.

Automatic overwriting of old files when memory overflow allows you to be sure that all recent events will be stored in memory. Built-in speaker and microphone makes it possible to record and then listen to the conversation with the traffic inspector. Date/time recording allows you to view your recording on any video player with all the information you want.

Useful extras

HD300+ and HD700+ have advanced built-in software features: video quality selection allows you to change the video compression ratio bit rate for the best quality of the resulting image, there is a current section of the video by pressing a button while recording. The new registrars allow you to enter your car’s registration number, which will be displayed when you show the video.

Another important feature of the new video recorders is a replaceable battery, which allows you to work with the device autonomously. This is a widespread BL-5C battery, also used in Nokia phones.

Both models are equipped with a handy mounting bracket for the car windshield, power adapter for cigarette lighter and USB cable, as well as – the user manual in American.

Video recorders Gmini MagicEye HD300 + and HD700 + are on sale now at a recommended retail price of 3500 and 4000 Dollars. respectively.

MagicEye HD300 Specifications+

Recording resolution

Video: 1920×1080 30 fps, 1440×1080 30 fps, 1280×720 30 fps, 848×480 60 fps

Photos: 12 interpolated 8 interpolated 5 3 megapixels

Video Format


Loop recording duration

1 3 5 minutes, continuous recording until all available memory is full

Power Source

Removable 3.7V 1100mA battery for proper video maintenance when disconnecting external power and operating outside the vehicle

12V 24V car cigarette lighter adapter

Internal memory

256MB with copy function to from memory card

Support for memory cards

SD SDHC 1 GB to 32 GB capacity

Overlay temporal data and state. numbers

Yes, on Video and Photo

Video output

miniHDMI, composite



LCD display

2 inch




89g without bracket


98 x 51 x 22 mm without bracket

Package Contents

– Video recorder

– Power adapter with car cigarette lighter jack

– Mounting bracket

– USB cable

– User manual

– Warranty card


– Pocket bracket

– Carrying bag

– Hand strap

MagicEye HD700 Specifications+

Recording resolution

1920×1080 1440×1080 1280×720 848×480 60 and 30 fps 320×240 pixels

Photo: 12 interpolated 8 interpolated 5 4 3 megapixels

Video format

MOV QuickTime

Recording duration

2 5 10 min. cyclic

Power Source

Replaceable 3.7V 1000mAh Battery BL-5C

12V 24V car cigarette lighter adapter


temporary data

Yes, in Video and Photo

Car license plate overlay

Yes, for Video and Photo

Internal memory

256 MB with copy function from/to memory card

Memory card support

SD up to 32 GB capacity



Video output



LCD display

2.5 inch

Package includes

– Video recorder

– Power adapter with car cigarette lighter jack

– Mounting Bracket

– Case

– USB cable

– User Manual

– Warranty card

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