Gas boilers Galileo Evolution – the Italian design by Ariston

The new line of gas boilers Galileo Evolution of Ariston Thermo Group is not only a unique technical solution. This is a truly Italian design – bright, unusual, eye-catching.

The design even of such practical things as a gas boiler should not be boring, because the device is designed to decorate the daily life of a person. And novelties are really capable to become a “highlight” of bathroom or kitchen interior.

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The direction Soft Line has been chosen for the line, creating such a finished look. Its main feature – smooth rounded contours of the front panel and the emphasis on the control unit.

This emphasis is made by an interesting solution: the display is installed on the panel in the form of a sector, the other elements are distributed around, and the control unit space is limited to an oval. The bottom part of the boiler front is highlighted in light grey metallic or graphite.

However, with all the attention to aesthetics, the design pays a lot of attention to practicality, which makes the settings intuitive and helps you quickly navigate the situation. CLAS EVO models are equipped with LCD display, and for boilers GENUS EVO developed a matrix display with backlight.

The display shows all the necessary data, such as hot water and heating water temperature, the selected operating mode, etc.d. The display of GENUS EVO models gives the possibility of additional personalization, it can be configured to display certain information on the parameters of the boiler.

Menus of boilers GENUS EVO and CLAS EVO are russified, which simplifies the use of devices for people of any age.

The control panel design of CLAS EVO models is somewhat nostalgic, in the style of the 60s. The barometer is round, with a traditional scale and arrow. All the settings can be adjusted with the regulator and the big buttons.

The control unit GENUS EVO is more dynamic. The display here is somewhat larger, and the control is performed only with the help of buttons.

Both interfaces apply the same rule of arrangement of elements: general settings are made at the bottom of the panel, hot water parameters are selected with the buttons on the left, heating – on the right, in the same way the information is displayed on the screen. Everything is logical, understandable and simple. You do not even have to get used to this control system.

The control panel GENUS EVO has a hinged block, allowing to carry out service maintenance.

Gas boilers Galileo Evolution, possessing uncommon “appearance”, catch the eye. These are truly Italian products, capable of giving joy, because they not only work well, but also look great. A thoughtful, “friendly” interface demonstrates concern about the man and his everyday life.

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