Fridges Biryusa: with the Austrian compressor and the food tastes better!

The specialists of the company are constantly working on the improvement of Biryusa products, creating a worthy assistant in the kitchen. Our fridges have everything you need for proper and comfortable food storage.

Biryusa refrigerator in the kitchen


The two-compressor models of the refrigerators Biryusa have the “Vacation” mode, which allows to save the electric power. For example, when going on vacation or vacation to the country house, you can turn off the fridge compartment of the refrigerator and put part of the food in the freezer compartment that will work in normal mode.

The compressor made by the Austrian ACC that equips all the refrigerators “Biryusa” provides the reliable long-term work and enables the energy saving. Also, the use of modern compressors reduces noise levels, especially important in small apartments and studios.


Those who like to have guests and organize parties at home will find the “Quick Cooling” mode useful. Designed to cool large quantities of food in a short period of time. Ideal for preparing drinks and snacks for guests.

If you load a lot of fresh food, the freezing mode is automatically activated. When the temperature reaches -18°C in the freezing chamber, the refrigerator switches off automatically and switches to the normal, more economical mode of operation of the refrigerator.

There is a fast freezing mode for those who want to preserve the vitamins in their food as much as possible. When it is activated the temperature goes down to -30 … 32°Ñ, providing an ultra-fast “shock freezing” that makes it possible to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients in the products to the maximum extent possible.

The refrigerators of the comfort class are equipped with light and sound signaling: melodious sound signal will sound if the door of the refrigerating chamber is not closed tightly and the light signal will light up if the temperature in the refrigerating or freezing chamber increases.

No need to defrost the freezer compartment on the No Frost models. No hoarfrost on the walls and foodstuffs and more intensive freezing that preserves the quality and appearance of the food berries, for example .

Ergonomic design

The shelves of the refrigerating chamber are easy to rearrange in 5 centimeter increments and are set at an angle that makes it possible to arrange the foods in a compact and convenient manner. The shelves are made of safe and durable tempered glass and can bear the load of up to 40 kg, a special rim will not allow the lower shelves of the refrigerator to be flooded with accidentally spilled liquid e.g. milk or juice .

The refrigerating chamber door is equipped with the barriers made of transparent plastic that ensure the clear view of the stored products. The top compartment has a lid and is designed for foods that absorb odours. The lower door barrier is equipped with a bottle holder and can hold containers of up to two liters.

In the two spacious drawers at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment the temperature is maintained at around 0°C, ensuring long storage of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The possibility to re-hang the doors allows to organize the working space in the kitchen in the most convenient way.


The ‘Biryusa’ line of comfort class refrigerators is presented in a new design: the extended height of the door of the refrigerating and freezer compartments, the new convenient handle and the narrow bottom cover give the refrigerator a severe and elegant look.

Customers have a choice of three color options: white, metallic and graphite – models will fit harmoniously into any kitchen interior. New, modern matte graphite coating is highly scratch-resistant and does not leave any fingerprints.

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