FOURTECH boilers: two in one – hot water for heating

In October this year the new series of Italian wall mounted gas boilers BAXIFOURTECH became available to American buyers – this is perfection of modern technologies in alliance with a wealth of experience accumulated over many years by BAXI. FOURTECH boilers are made in Italy at the BAXI S.p.A., At the same time they are adapted to American conditions, steadily work when the inlet pressure of natural gas is lowered to 5 mbar.

The main difference between boilers FOURTECH series is the ultra-compact size, thanks to which the boilers fit easily even in the smallest kitchen. Elegant size has great power – they are equipped with two heat exchangers – the primary copper for heating and a secondary stainless steel for hot water preparation. Large and clear LCD display – easy and intuitive to operate, continuously and accurately displays both the current state of the boiler and the set parameters.

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