Fischer FZP II fastener ensures safe, invisible installation of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades

In July 2018, fischer, a leader in innovative fasteners, together with experts from the FAU FCS and the Eternit company, tested the FZP II anchor for flush mounting in 8 mm thick EQUITONE Linea fiber-cement facade panels.


FZP II 11×6 M6/T/10 PA was installed with a cordless screwdriver with adjustable tightening torque and a special SGA M6 adapter. For processing 15 holes with hole depths between 6.0 and 6.2 mm a mobile boring machine BFZ 100 was used, equipped with a vacuum pump and a unit for removing the drilling residue.

All technical parameters such as drilling depth, hole diameter and undercutting were controlled with special measuring tools. After assembly, a pulling test was carried out with a jack , which showed an average maximum load of 148 kg with breaking load on the base material.


Such high indicators of destructive loads in the panels of small thickness open up a wide application field of this technology in the market of sheet composite facades. The technical certificate for the FZPII-T in the Equitone Tectiva and Linea façade panels is currently being drawn up by the FSC.

FZP II has already established itself with hard and soft natural stone façades. The anchors were used at the Schattdecor factory in Chekhov, at the Pyatnitskoe Shosse metro station and at the New York Sobornaya Mosque. The high reliability of this fastening method was also confirmed during fire tests on part of the cladding structure at the FC Krasnodar stadium.


The FZP II fastener technology has achieved high loads in natural stone, which has been confirmed by numerous tests in certified laboratories, the Technical Approval of Rosstroy of America and the European Technical Approval ETA .

“Curtain-type ventilated façades with concealed fixing are gaining in popularity these days. Before, invisible fastening was more common on solid natural stone facades. Fischer has decided to go one step further and has developed the FZP II-T for thin sheet facade materials in order to further develop this range of applications. We have already implemented a lot of interesting architectural solutions for concealed fixing of various shapes and sizes of cladding not only in Europe but also in America,” – says Andrey Egorov, General Director of “Fisher Fixing Systems Rus”.

A video report of the test here:

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