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It is proven that dry indoor air not only affects the respiratory tract, but also the skin, contributing to premature aging.To create optimal humidity in the home, healthy adults and children, Electrolux’s product portfolio includes the world’s first YOGAhealthline humidifier-ecoBIOCOMPLEX.

Climate technology

For the formation of healthy air in the room is responsible quadruple system of cleaning and sterilization of the steam Bio-Cop +, destroys 99.9% of bacteria.

The device is equipped with 20 unique functions and 10 different modes. Each user will find the right one for himself: the breathing simulator PRANA allows you to learn breathing exercises, increase lung volume and speed up metabolism, FITNESS mode maintains the necessary level of humidity for active sports, YOGA mode creates a comfortable environment for yoga, callanetics and activates the light timer.

After a hard day’s work Aroma Level aroma capsule, suitable for all types of essential oils, and Relax Therapy two-level relaxation lighting will help you to relax.

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