Fast and tasty: BBK introduces a new range of microwave ovens

BBK Electronics announces the launch of a new line of modern microwave ovens with seven models. In the near future the range will be significantly expanded.

Microwave ovens


BBK microwave ovens allow you to heat, defrost or cook delicious and diverse dishes quickly and easily. Stylish design and colors from milky white 20MWS-704M/W and glossy black 20MWS-722T/B-M, 20MWG-731T/B-M, 23MWG-851T/B to stainless steel 20MWS-720T/BX, 20MWG-730T/BX and with a mirror front 23MWG-850T/B-M add elegance and certainly complement the interior of any kitchen.

Microwave ovens


The microwave ovens 20MWS-704M/W, 20MWS-720T/BX, 20MWS-722T/B-M, 20MWG-730T/BX and 20MWG-731T/B-M have a capacity of 20 liters, 23MWG-850T/B-M and 23MWG-851T/B. Models with a capacity of 20 liters are suitable for small portions, while 23 liters are for larger-capacity cookware.



All BBK microwave ovens have 5 levels of power regulation and a timer that allows you to select the optimal degree of cooking intensity for a particular product and set the cooking time.



Some models feature 8 automenu programs to automatically prepare popular dishes, such as soup, fish, meat and spaghetti. Enough to specify the weight and the product used, and the program itself selects the desired power and heating duration, and the electronic panel in American will help easily understand the settings. These microwave ovens have two automatic

The delicate defrost mode – defrost by weight or by time, as well as the function of child lock, which will prevent accidental opening of the door.

The big appliances for the kitchen


The 20MWS-720T/BX, 20MWS-722T/B-M and 20MWG-730T/BX have a delayed cooking function for when guests arrive. Microwave function is a useful function that allows you to preset the start time and operating parameters of the microwave.



Note that the models are accompanied by a 0.75-liter plastic container for easy food storage, a special lid to keep the oven interior clean, or a steamer for health-conscious eaters each model comes with one of these gifts, depending on the series .



Microwave ovens 20MWG-731T/B-M, 23MWG-850T/B-M and 23MWG-851T/B have a built-in grill of 1000 W, equipped with a special grid. Meat dishes with crispy crust and barbecues can be easily cooked at home.

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