Experts explain how to extend the life of your laptop

A similar UK consumer organization to Roskatchestvo, Which told how to solve common problems with laptops, which is especially important during the remote work format.


If the battery drains quickly

No way to stop physics-driven battery obsolescence, but you can slow it down. When you’re not using your laptop, keep it turned off and unplugged when convenient. If a laptop manufacturer has added any battery settings to it for power capacity, such as charging it only to 80% – it’s best to activate them, UK experts advise. In addition, pay attention to the number of programs that run in the background and even such seemingly trivial factors as screen brightness. If the battery stops charging fully or runs out very quickly, you are advised to contact an authorised service center.

If the laptop works slowly

British experts advise to update Windows in time and periodically for maximum performance, to free up space on the hard drive regularly and at least once every few months to dust the fan, holes and connectors. In this case, no matter how well you do not take care of your laptop, in any case over the years it will perform its tasks less effectively. Of course, it’s important to keep an eye on the current technical condition of the laptop and if there are noticeable performance slumps, consider replacing it, experts assure.

If the keyboard is flooded with liquid

First, you must immediately de-energize the device, unplug it from the socket and remove the battery. Secondly, after turning off the device, you need to turn the computer upside down, pour the liquid inside and remove visible traces of flooding. After that contact the service center. It’s categorically not advisable to power on the device before applying to the service center, experts warn. Depending on the type of liquid that got inside, the user may have one to several hours before various important computer components fail. In case of jammed keys on the keyboard they can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or brush. True, in contrast to the old-style keyboards, it is often difficult to pull out and clean an individual key in the new ones.

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