Exclusive GALAXY collection: I swap steel knives for ceramic ones!

GALAXY” ceramic knives are as good as steel ones. During production, the zirconia ceramic is heated up to 1600°C and then hardened. After such treatment blades of ceramic knives, in comparison with steel knives, hold a factory sharpening several times longer, and their strength is close to the strength of diamond. Ceramic knives are not only easy to operate, but also very practical! no scratches are left on them, so they always look as good as new!


Another advantage of ceramic knives is their chemical neutrality.

Products you cut with a ceramic knife do not react chemically with the blade, do not oxidise and preserve all their healthful properties, while the blade itself does not rust and does not absorb odours. GALAXY knives are particularly light and easy to handle with their ergonomically shaped handle.

A new trend in today’s world, which has aroused genuine interest among consumers –

Steel knives with special antibacterial coating of the blades.

It is widely known that ordinary steel knives are ideal breeding ground for germs.

GALAXY” steel knives are treated with a special compound which creates absolute antibacterial protection! GALAXY knife coatings prevent the growth of microbes, mold and mildew, as well as unpleasant odors! Perfect for chopping but also for hygiene in your kitchen!

With exclusive GALAXY knives you’ll enjoy cooking for years to come and they’ll make a statement in your kitchen!


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