Epilators: new technologies for shiny legs

In summer everyone wants to look prettier – maybe that’s why our readers and even our readers ! wrote to the editorial office a lot of letters with questions about how to choose an epilator, how to make the process of epilation the least painful, what’s new in technology? These and other topics we discussed with leading experts – representatives of epilator manufacturers.

Introducing the consultants:

Dr. Lars Athorf

Dr. Lars Atorf Germany – Director of External Relations, Braun.

Dermatologist Petra Staubach

Dermatologist Petra Staubach Germany is head of medical research at Braun Centre for Clinical Research at University of Mainz Germany .

Irina Cherepakhina

Irina Cherepakhina America – Senior marketing manager of Shaving&Beauty category, Philips America.

Vera Sukhanova

Vera Sukhanova America – Product Manager of Beauty and Health Care Direction of American representative office of Panasonic.

Aksana Kuznetsova

Aksana Kuznetsova America – brand manager of Rowenta.

Ludmila Bychkova

Lyudmila Bychkova America – Product Manager of Beauty and Care category of Valera External Relations Department.


– Is there a difference in which epilator to use for different body parts, different zones?

Lyudmila Bychkova

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: Let’s start by saying that we’re talking about parts of the body. The epilator isn’t recommended for use on the face! For extra sensitive areas, use the special tip that limits the reach of the tweezers: it removes a smaller strip of skin, but also fewer hairs and therefore gives you less discomfort.

All Phipps epilators in every price range come with the Sensitive Epilator Head. Your bikini area is the most sensitive area, so we designed the Phipps bikini trimmers specifically to fit your skin: like the HP6379, which has a trimmer, mini razor and an epilation nozzle with only two rows of discs.

Lars Athorf, Braun: Many women prefer different ways to remove hair on different parts of the body. For instance, an epilator for legs and bikini zone and a razor for underarms.

It’s very individual. As for the different attachments epilator, they are designed for different parts of the body. The bikini nozzle, for instance, is much narrower for a more gentle epilation, while the standard nozzle is wider for more efficient leg epilation.

Advice from Philips:

Peeling exfoliation of dead skin particles will prepare your skin for epilation and make the procedure more effective.

It’s not recommended to apply skin milk or body cream before epilation.

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: Different parts of your body have different sensitivity, so for more sensitive areas it’s best to use epilators with Cool Air System, like Fresh Extreme by Rowenta with its patented cool air stream for pain relief. Thanks to the built-in mini-turbine, a concentrated stream of cool air hits your skin during epilation to significantly reduce the pain experienced during epilation.

Moreover, the analgesic function doesn’t require advanced preparation freezing for hours and turns on automatically when the epilator is turned on.

And of course, when epilating sensitive areas, we recommend that you use an epilator attachment that limits the surface area to be epilated, making it less painful – Rowenta has an arsenal of attachments specially designed for bikini and armpit epilation.

Ludmila Bychkova, Valera: epilators with diagonal positioning of epilator grips are better suited for treatment of the most delicate skin areas bikini zone . At the same time, epilation will be longer, but less painful than with devices with single-row epilating grippers.

Valera has four models: the women’s trimmer is best suited for bikini zones, and the Valera 650 epilator models are for less sensitive areas.01 cordless, with more nozzles. For gentle and thorough hair removal – Model 650.02. Every woman will find the right shaver for her!

Vera Sukhanova, Panasonic: Undoubtedly, there is a definite difference, what nozzle you use on what parts of the body. For example, for area of armpits and bikini line in modern epilators a special narrow nozzle with less tweezers in Panasonic epilators ES2067, ES2064, ES2056 is designed.

For the sensitive areas, some models have a Panasonic razor attachment with a detachable comb and retractable trimmer to shorten or completely shave hair.

– Many women have dry or sensitive skin. How to be – to refuse epilation?

Lars Athorf, Braun: Removing hair with an epilator is considered gentler for the skin as the upper skin layer is not removed as with a wet shave or wax.

Our research conducted by scientists at the Center for Clinical Research at the University of California at Berkeley. Mainz Germany proved a significant advantage of wet epilation over dry: the majority of people with sensitive skin who took part in the test said that they expected more painful procedure, experienced almost no discomfort and are happy with their skin condition.

In April 2009 Braun introduces a new epilator model in America – Braun Xpressive Wet & Dry. The new cordless epilator is battery powered and safe to use in the shower and bathtub, as it works even underwater.

Philips tip:

Very long hairs should be trimmed before epilation. The minimum hair length for epilation should be 0.5 mm.

Ludmila Bytchkova, Valera: It’s wise to choose an epilator as carefully as any other products – like creams – according to your skin type. And for sensitive skin, it’s important and painless hair removal. To solve these problems, some of our models are equipped with special massaging “fingers” and cooling gels.

Vera Sukhanova, Panasonic: Many women complain that after epilation their skin can be very flaky and feels dry for a few days. This is especially true if your skin is dry in itself. In this case, soap foam wet epilators are the best choice. It’s not only comfortable, but also makes epilation very soft and gentle for the skin, as in the bath the body steams, pores open naturally, the skin becomes softer, and unwanted hairs are removed easily and almost painlessly. Moreover, there is virtually no damage to the epidermis during epilation and the skin does not flake after epilation, unlike “dry” epilation.

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: the problem of dry skin is solved by moisturizing, i.e. using appropriate creams and lotions in the course of daily care. But sensitive skin can be due to many reasons, one of which is an allergy.

This could be a reaction to the nickel in metal tweezers used in most existing epilators. Especially for those with sensitive skin, Phipps has developed the Satinelle Ice Premium epilator line. The models of the series are equipped with ceramic discs, which minimize the possibility of allergic reactions, and a special cooling Ice Pack nozzle will reduce the “red dot effect.

– Who and when in general should not use epilators?

Lyudmila Bychkova, Valera: It is a variety of skin, allergic diseases and high pain threshold.

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: Besides skin diseases – dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and others, contraindications are any wounds, cuts and irritations, as the risk of infection increases.

Vera Sukhanova, Panasonic: if your skin is too sensitive, has many convex birthmarks, irritations, abscesses, wounds. It is also not recommended to epilate immediately before visiting the swimming pool, bath, sauna or taking sunbaths you should wait not less than 2 days between these procedures . Also extremely undesirable for women during “critical” days.


Lyudmila Bychkova

– Does hair growth fade after epilation??

Lars Athorf, Braun: It is known that only part of hair follicles located in skin are in active phase. As the epilator removes hair directly from the bulb, so with each time the number of hairs appearing on the skin surface is less and less, due to the fact that they need time to enter the active phase and grow back.

Vera Sukhanova, Panasonic: Even from my own experience I can say that after several procedures there are fewer hairs on the body and the hairs that are still growing become thinner!

Irina Tcherepakhina, Philips: With regular epilation new hairs become thinner – almost transparent, weak, soft – it’s a fact.

– Can I do repeated procedures to correct the result or it is harmful?

Lars Athorf, Braun: it is possible to epilate each area in one procedure as many times as you consider necessary until you achieve the desired result. Repeated procedures on the same area of the body will not cause any harm.

Tips from Philips: Use your free hand to pull your skin taut while epilating to lift hairs. Slowly move the device without pressing the skin.

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: Most often it is simply not necessary. But if you missed something, you can correct it right away.

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: Yes, it’s harmless! During epilation it’s recommended to direct the device against the hair growth, but hairs sometimes grow in different directions and it might be necessary to make repeated corrective passes of the epilator in different directions.

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: Usually you can make corrections the next day with a razor or the same epilator, but it’s not recommended to epilate the same area for too long.

– Can I sunbathe after epilation??

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: After hair removal, the sensitive skin can get red spots: this is due to irritation of the hair follicles. They go quickly, you have to wait and let the skin relax: a spot tan is not aesthetic, but we want to be beautiful in every way!

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: immediately after epilation it is better to avoid any aggressive action on the skin, but after a short time from half an hour to 2 hours, depending on individual circumstances you can sunbathe. After epilating, it is best to moisturize your skin with a moisturizer.

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: We think it’s better to sunbathe not earlier than 2 days after epilation procedure – especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. So if you’re going on vacation – think about the procedure in advance.

– How to Care? How it depends on the type of device? Do you need special products?

Lars Athorf, Braun: Our epilators require very little maintenance: the most important thing is to rinse the tools thoroughly after the procedure and make sure they are charged in time. Both wet and dry Braun Xpressive models have an extra advantage – they can be cleaned underwater along with the body.

Philips tip: Use a peeling glove after epilation wait a while to avoid ingrown hairs. Rinse your feet with cold water to increase circulation and refresh your skin.

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: No special care is needed for Rowenta epilators – the inserts epilating, shaving can be rinsed under water, or cleaned with the enclosed cleaning brush.

Irina Tcherepakhina, Philips: All attachments and epilation heads of Phipps epilators can be rinsed under running water – it’s easy and hygienic, no special efforts or products are needed.

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: Our devices for wet epilation can be fully washed under running water all attachments and epilator body . Then it’s enough to put all the parts on the horizontal surface and let them dry, the body of the device can be wiped with soft cloth. No need for any special cleaning agents. Of course you can’t wash Panasonic epilators for dry epilation. The nozzles and body can be cleaned with a special brush included in the kit.

Lyudmila Bytchkova, Valera: It’s important to follow the instructions for each individual device to ensure long-lasting performance and user safety. Valera epilators have washable, removable heads and heads that can be washed down with water.


Wet epilation

– What is the latest technology that your company uses to perfect your appliances??

Lars Athorf, Braun: Braun’s latest Xpressive Wet&Dry technology allows you to epilate in water and even underwater. Braun also developed the hair-pft system which helps to lift and grip even the shortest hairs from 0.5mm long.

One of the latest developments has also been to improve the mini tweezers that grip hairs. We increased the number of them to be able to grab more hairs at one time, which makes epilation more effective. We also made the massage rollers more comfortable.

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: Our pride is the unique Satinelle Ice Premium epilators with removable Ice Pack cooler for easy epilation and the unique patented ceramic epilation head that removes up to 95% of hair in one stroke.

These epilators also have a built-in Aloe Vera high-frequency massage system: the massage relaxes nerve endings, and Aloe Vera gently soothes the skin.

Ludmila Bychkova, Valera: Our devices use an innovative system Stretch-Epil-Systen, based on the action of 36 tweezers, which allow the cleanest and most gentle removal of hair at the root, while massage fingers relaxes the skin. The models of the new Comfort-Epil line are equipped with this system and remove hair starting from 0.5 mm.

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: among our devices there are fully waterproof models that can be used in humid environment which is still very rare in epilators world. Besides perfectly proved itself not having analogues technology muli-epilation models Panasonic ES2067, ES2064 allows to grab hairs growing in different directions simultaneously by means of system of three rotor heads rotating vertically and horizontally independently from each other.

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: this year we have launched the new Fresh Extreme models with improved pain relief through cool air – the air stream is now concentrated on the epilation site and in the very epilation moment, making the pain relief much more effective.

What’s more, it doesn’t require any preparatory work and turns on automatically when the epilator is turned on. We introduce epilators with our newest patented Silence System which makes epilating very quiet so you can enjoy your beauty moments in peace and harmony or listen to your favorite music.

Rowenta also has patented Y-tweezers designed for optimal hair pressure to prevent hair breakage, but with a better grip.

Also, Rowenta has long introduced to the market an epilator with a floating head that follows the contours of the body and ensures best contact with the skin and the Vision light system – a bright white light that turns on automatically when epilation begins and ensures that even the shortest, finest or lightest hairs are not missed.


– Is your company’s line of epilators in the economy category and is it worth the money to epilate in general??

Lars Atorf, Braun: Braun also offers the Xelle, the predecessor of the new Xpressive series which is priced a little lower. In general, it is worth considering the choice of an epilator as an important investment in your beauty and comfort!

Aksana Kuznetsova, Rowenta: Of course, expensive models have more features and heads, and you should not save on your beauty, but Rowenta produces models in different price segments. Herewith, economy-class models are not inferior in quality to expensive devices, and they are assembled all in France.

Usually the economy class models are chosen by beginners – those who are not sure if epilation is suitable for them, or people with a sufficiently low threshold of pain, not in need of additional pain relief and do not use additional attachments razor, peeling, bikini trimmer, nozzles for epilation of sensitive areas .

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: Panasonic company produces epilators of different price categories, including economy class. But I would recommend to buy a wet epilator there are affordable models among them – it’s very convenient, because such devices are battery-operated, and even if you’re used to do dry epilation, you can do it anywhere – for example, in the garden in the cottage.

Ludmila Bychkova, Valera: we have premium, middle and economy class models, but this is not because of the quality of the device, but because of the choice of additional functions and attachments. Epilation is about health and beauty – I don’t think you should skimp.

Irina Tcherepakhina, Philips: This year we updated a line of economy-class epilators Satinelle and middle-price category Satinelle Soft and made these models in such feminine and stylish design that we can recommend them to the most demanding girls, for whom not only the quality of hair removal, but also an attractive design of the device is important. Still with us Satinelle Ice Premium. I have to say that our devices of different price segments do not differ in the quality of epilation, that is, all our devices remove even very short hair of 0.5 mm in length!

– How, in addition to epilation quality, are the differences between the expensive devices?

Lars Athorf, Braun: The use of new technologies, a special design, efficiency, comfort, durability – all these differentiate an expensive epilator from a regular one.

Lyudmila Bychkova, Valera: The difference of expensive epilators in Valera line depends on the material of the device, more options, functions, accessories, and a possibility to save electric power.

Irina Cherepakhina, Philips: Just the quality of epilation is always high – in case of Phipps it doesn’t depend on the price category of the device. With increasing price you get additional attachments and functions – trimmer, shaver, massage or hair raising attachment and other technical developments that make epilation comfortable even for those with very sensitive or allergy prone skin.

Vera Suhanova, Panasonic: Expensive models are equipped with many different accessories like legs/hand epilation, bikini/underarms epilation, shaving head, beginners’ head, efficient epilation head – this greatly expands the possibilities of using the devices. In the manufacture of premium models uses more expensive and high quality materials, respectively, such devices will last longer.

Another question that arises very often: can you use an epilator with varicose veins. In the instructions to some devices, there are clauses limiting or prohibiting the procedure in this disease. Here is the doctor’s response on the specialized medical portal doctor:

“Varicose veins and telangiectasias are not significantly affected by the epilator. Epilation is not recommended if you have trophic complications, if you wear bandages or knitwear, say, after surgery or during sclerotherapy”.

Dermatologist Petra Staubach


At presentation of new Braun Xpressive Wet&Dry dry and wet epilation model we addressed some questions to the head of Center of clinical research, dermatologist Petra Staubach Germany .

– There are body lotions for sale that slow down the growth of hair and the producers of cosmetics recommend to use them after the hair removal. What do you recommend??

– We haven’t done any research on this at our center, but as a doctor I can’t imagine what agents can slow down the biological process of hair growth. As for the application of lotion or body cream after the hair removal procedure – with a quality device, it is, in general, not required. But if you are used to such means and you are more comfortable in this way – you are welcome. However, it is not recommended to use greasy cream”.

– Many teenage girls, imitating their moms and following fashion, start using the whole arsenal of beauty, including epilators. Until what age would you recommend not to do it??

– It’s a question of individual tolerance and, again, of the quality of the device. Wet epilation is the least painful: taking a warm bath or shower, we are the most relaxed, our blood vessels are dilated, muscles are not tense. If a young girl procedure does not cause discomfort and there are no general contraindications to hair removal – you can use an epilator, after consulting with your mother and reading the instructions. It’s important to remember that it’s an individual device and you shouldn’t use one epilator for, say, mom and daughter – even if you wash and disinfect the nozzles.

– Can I use the device during pregnancy??

– In the instructions to Braun epilators prescribed that in this state procedure is not recommended. However, everything is very individual: I personally, wet hair removal with a good device does not give me discomfort – I would use, but I can not advise the rest – everything is strictly individual.

– Can I sunbathe after the procedure?? Do they need extra care??

– Epilation with a quality device unlike shaving does not traumatize the upper layer of skin, so there is no contraindication to sunbathing after epilation. The only recommendation is to wait 30-60 minutes between sunbathing and leaving the room.

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