ELIS EL-4016 samovar: tested on myself – it boils without a boot

A new take on an old tradition – this is how to drink tea at the samovar in a modern home. It’s worth trying it once to see how cozy and friendly it is to socialize and have a real get-together. A kitchen with a samovar becomes a center of attraction… You can choose from a variety of colors: burgundy, blue, white, black, metallic – according to your own taste and interior design. In fact, this samovar is also a thermo cooker: it keeps the set temperature and allows you to always have hot water, the temperature of which tells you the temperature of the built-in thermometer.

Electric samovar ELIS EL-4016


  • The striking design.
  • High power 1850-2200W : fast heating up large amounts of water.
  • Water temperature sensor.

From a classic thermopot model differs primarily in the way water is supplied: here it flows through a faucet rather than a pump. This allows the samovar to avoid the main drawback of most thermophones: it is very difficult to pour out the rest of the water, because the device with a capacity of 4-5 liters for this have to … turn over!

There are other differences: the presence of a teapot and, of course, the speed of boiling. A usual thermophot with power of about 750-850 watts and the volume of 4-5 liters of water boiling takes up to 45 minutes, but the samovar will provide you and your guests with 4 liters of boiling water several times faster.


  • Samovar capacity 4 l.
  • Capacity of a ceramic teapot 1 l.

Inside the teapot there is a mesh filter for brewing, which prevents teas from getting into the cup.

  • Stainless steel samovar body.
  • Polished case.
  • Stainless steel disc heating element.
  • Chrome faucet.
  • Safe plastic handles.
  • Stable base.


  • Automatic and manual switch.
  • Automatic switch off system at boiling water.
  • Function of maintaining temperature regime.

After boiling the kettle automatically enters the temperature maintenance mode.

Electric samovar ELIS EL-4016

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