Electrolux Real Life dishwasher: plates and pots washed with the dual spray arms

After you’ve finished cooking, you can treat yourself. Snuggle up on the sofa. Watch your favorite TV show so you don’t miss the most interesting episode. Immerse yourself in reading another chapter of your favourite book. Allow yourself the pleasure of life, knowing that all the crockery and utensils you’ve just used are in safe hands.

The Electrolux Real Life dishwasher

Confronted with the aspirations of a perfect and comfortable life, objective reality often clashes. And life’s harmony depends on the outcome. Keeping your kitchen appliances running reliably and efficiently is an important part of your everyday life.

“Dishwasher standards dating back to 1970 do not reflect reality. People routinely wash not only sets of plates and cups, but also informal dishes like pots, pans and buckets. It’s usually a hassle to put them in the dishwasher and not wash them by hand,” says Maria Vlasenko, product manager at Electrolux.

Electrolux engineers took the courage to be innovative and created a revolutionary new dishwasher on the market – the Electrolux Real Life.

The ingenious organization of the interior of the Real Life Dishwasher makes it possible to load large kitchenware, which is always plentiful in today’s kitchens, simply and conveniently. It gives you the creative freedom to create culinary masterpieces and delicious meals for the big family.

You can prepare the most extravagant and creative dishes for your guests without ever worrying about messing around in the kitchen.

Increasing the dishwasher’s effective internal capacity by 10 liters at its standard size makes it possible to wash all types of dishes, whether they are used in cooking or as part of a table setting. Real Life doesn’t just mean you don’t have to soak and wash large dishes by hand, it saves water, energy and time.

The Electrolux Real Life features the FlexiSpray twin-axis spray arm. For seven months the company’s engineers have been developing this new and most effective water distribution system to give you the best wash results.

The benefits of the RealLife Dishwasher

Posted: 12 Dec 2011 05:14 AM PST


The washable compartment of the RealLife dishwashers has increased by 10 litres to accommodate all the dishes used at dinner.


The AutoOff function is an energy-saving breakthrough. It reduces energy consumption to zero

on standby.


The dual-rotating spray arm lets the water jets reach the hardest-to-reach parts of your dishes, even with a full load basket.


This dishwasher delivers A ratings in all three areas: dishwashing efficiency, drying efficiency and energy consumption.


No matter how dirty your dishes are or how full the load is, this dishwasher automatically detects it and chooses the right cycle.


With this feature, you can use handy All-in-one tablets which combine dishwasher detergent, rinse aid and salt to soften the water.


EnergySaver option allows you to run a wash cycle faster and use up to 25% less energy.


These are special holders of soft material, which serve to fix the dishes in the basket and do not allow fragile glasses to fall, much less break.


The special program for glass washing at 45 °C ensures the perfect washing result

result and protects from damage your most valuable objects made of glass, crystal or porcelain.


Let your dishwasher start working when you need it – it’s possible with the Delayed Start feature.

Recommended price Electrolux Real Life from 25 990 rub.

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