Cult object: new Predator X27P 4K gamer’s monitor available in America

Acer has announced the launch of a new gaming monitor, which has every chance to become a cult among gamers. The Predator X27P is an updated version of the highly acclaimed Predator X27. The new monitor has become even more ergonomic, and the unique gamer experience is now available for owners of game consoles.


Future Appearance and Ergonomics

Not only the engineers worked on the Predator X27P, but the designers as well, and it’s their work that draws the user’s attention in the first place. The aluminum stand and beveled back panel with RGB lighting looks very impressive. Ergonomics is just as impressive as its looks: thanks to ErgoStand the screen can be adjusted up to 130 mm in height, can be tilted up to 5 degrees and if you want it can even be placed in portrait mode. The Predator X27P comes with a Predator Shield that eliminates glare and flare and gives the monitor a very serious look.

A new industry standard

The performance of the Predator X27P is as impressive as it is spectacular. Just look at the refresh rate of 144 Hz! Until recently, 4K monitors were simply unable to refresh at such a rate, but the novelty has set new standards in the industry. To get the most out of the Predator X27P you’ll need a DisplayPort 1 connection.4 And an NVIDIA® GeForce® RTXTM 2070 or higher graphics card. Then the monitor will perform at its best, literally pulling the player into the virtual world, impressing with incredibly sharp and smooth gameplay without a blurred picture. With NVIDIA® G-SYNCTM Ultimate technology, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the screen with the refresh rate of the card, ensuring no image tearing in the most dynamic gaming scenes.


Like life, only better

Picture quality at the Predator X27P exceeds all expectations. 27-inch screen with 3840×2160 pixels. guarantee the highest level of detail, and the color gamut is 99% of AdobeRGB space – more than a billion colors. Colors are displayed distortion-free across the screen: X27P has a Delta E value of less than one. This ensures full compliance of color reproduction with the original content. The kind of features only professional graphics monitors can offer.

Direct LED backlighting provides dynamic LED control by dimming brightness in dark areas and boosting brightness in bright areas for more contrast. Proprietary HDR Ultra technology extends the dynamic range of the screen: details are clearly visible even in the most shadowed and over-lit areas. Old, familiar releases on the Predator X27P will take on new colors, not to mention new ones designed specifically for the 4K format.

As a professional device, the Predator X27P has a range of settings that take into account gamer’s needs and monitor’s nuances. And if you don’t feel like tinkering with the settings, you can also use presets for various game genres: action, racing, or sports games.

Plugging in the console

The Predator X27P’s new software is fully compatible with XBOX consoles, so you can expect maximum screen performance even when playing games on the console. New monitor features variable refresh rate technology

XBOX VRR frames, thanks to which console owners will be able to appreciate the smooth motion and lack of jerkiness.

Price and Availability

The Predator X27P comes with a 3-year warranty. The novelty has already appeared in American retail for 179,990 Dollars.

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