Cooler’s gaming innovations: MasterKeys Lite L Combo and MasterPulse headset

New York – July 19, 2016. – Cooler Master, one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing PC peripherals and components, announced the MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB backlighting. Includes moisture-resistant keyboard with unique key design and state-of-the-art mouse for today’s gamers. RGB backlight of both devices can operate in several modes, including “waves” and “ripples”. The company will also release an in-channel headset MasterPulse in black and a limited white version with Bass FX technology, which allows you to boost bass frequencies in the right situation. A special switch on the headset headphones instantly turns the amplified lower frequencies for listening to music or mutes them for the duration of the conversation.



Computer Headset

MasterKeys Lite L Combo Set

Vivid RGB backlighting: 16.7 million colors and instant color switching

Brilliant RGB LED backlighting sets MasterKeys Lite L Combo apart from the competition. Two parts of mouse MasterKeys Lite are illuminated – scroll wheel and back part of the case, and the keyboard can be illuminated for each key. The backlighting frequency, mode, and colors can be changed instantly with simple key combinations.

Comfortable keys with replaceable keycaps

Unique Mem-Chanical key doesn’t differ from mechanical keyboard switches. Clicks sound loud enough that you’re sure you pressed the key when you play games, but you’re not distracted by noise. So typing with MasterKeys Lite is comfortable and fun. And if you ever feel like

Replace keycaps with one from another manufacturer or print your own with a 3D printer – no problem! MasterKeys Lite is fully compatible with all CHERRY MX switch sets.


Computer mouse

Anti-spatter protection

Any frequent PC user has spilled coffee or water on the keyboard. Thanks to water-repellent membrane and design of the case MasterKeys Lite isn’t afraid of such “accidents.

Hot keys and Anti-Ghosting support

Hot keys in the top row let you control playback of music tracks and movies. Moreover, MasterKeys Lite supports 26-button antigosting technology, which ensures that each key of the keyboard can be pressed precisely, even if the user presses several keys at once.

Avago 3050 ultra-high-precision infrared sensor and on-the-fly sensitivity switching

The MasterKeys Lite mouse uses a precise Avago 3050 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 3500 DPI. 500 1000 2000 3500 DPI modes can be switched on the fly to have a better aiming or to quickly move the camera in the game. Get ready for any gaming situation in an instant with this mouse. You can also adjust colors, backlight effects and speed to your personal preferences at any time.

Omron sensitive switches

MasterKeys Lite has six buttons: left and right, scroll wheel, forward and back buttons and DPI switch. Left and right buttons use Omron high quality mechanical micro switches. With these, accidental presses are rare, because you feel every movement of the key and every click.


Cooler Master

Cooler Master

Bass FX: Powerful bass and surround sound

What’s better – precise touch or powerful bass?? The answer depends on the situation. Clear and neutral sound is better for phone calls and games so you can hear the other party’s voice and what’s going on in the game. But in music, good bass is important.

With MasterPulse In-Canal Headset you don’t have to choose a single thing, because Bass FX technology allows you to change the bass power simply by turning the dedicated switch. One click is all it takes to make your music come alive and play in a whole new way.

High quality aluminum enclosure and convenient nozzles

Lightweight and durable aluminum case protects the MasterPulse design from drops and bumps, ensuring a long lifespan. Rugged silicone earpads are airtight, hold well in your ears, and deliver the comfort you need to listen to your favorite music on the go. Earphones are shaped to cut off noise that distracts from music or conversation. Small, medium and large nozzles included.

Computer headset

Computer headset

Computer Headset

Cooler Master

Remote control with built-in microphone

High-quality microphone perfectly transmits the user’s voice and allows to communicate with comfort in any situation. With the remote control you can receive calls, as well as start/stop, rewind and switch music tracks on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Plus, with MasterPulse you don’t have to pull out your headphones to answer the call. The microphone is positioned on the cord so that you can pick up your voice as accurately as possible in the heat of an online battle or on a morning jog.


Cooler Master

The flat cord that never gets tangled

MasterPulse uses a flat, rubber-coated cord that won’t tangle or fray. The coating protects the cord’s wiring from damage and does not create a “microphone” effect.

Rugged carrying case with extra compartments

Carrying case protects MasterPulse on the go. It is made of durable materials, but compact enough to easily fit in your pocket and not interfere. Inside the case there are several compartments in which you can put spare earpieces or some valuables.

Cost and availability

– The MasterKeys Lite L Combo set will be available in late September 2016 for a recommended price of €59.99.

– MasterPulse headset with Bass FX technology will be available at the end of September 2016 for the recommended price of 59,99 euros.

– A limited edition white MasterPulse headset with Bass FX technology will be available in late September only on Cooler Master website for the recommended price of EUR 59,99.

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