Canton Ergo AS 1 subwoofer test.2 SC

AS 1.The 2 is the “youngest” of the two woofers in the Ergo line of loudspeakers by the German company Canton.

Canton Ergo AS 1.2 SC subwoofer

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: Subwoofer design fully matches the stylistic features of Ergo speakers. Gently rounded cabinet corners. The cabinet itself is made of MDF. Available in black, real beech or cherry wood veneer. The woofer driver on the front panel is flanked by a large reflex port. The space around them is velvet covered. The entire front of the unit is protected by a removable metal mesh. AS 1 case.2 is installed on spikes or metal cones, both of which are included with the subwoofer.

The woofer of the unit, like in other Ergo speakers, is made of paper and reinforced with graphite powder. Diameter of the cone is 260mm. The woofer is powered by a built-in amplifier with a power rating of 140 watts.

The patch panel is on the back of the chassis. The user enjoys smooth volume, cut-off frequency 50-150 Hz and phase controls 0-180 deg. , a full range of jacks with line and high level inputs and outputs. There is also an automatic on and off function. The SC suffix in the model name refers to a special servo system that eliminates linear sound distortion at high volume levels. AS 1.2 is also equipped with a high-pass filter that cuts off the infrasonic part of the input signal, protecting the subwoofer from overloading.

Canton Ergo AS 1.2 SC subwoofer sound quality

AUDIO QUALITY: on the left-hand side, the decay starts from 55-60 Hz, depending on the crossover settings. The lower limit at -10 dB is 35 Hz. Maximal subwoofer’s performance is in the midbass area, but it does not “like” the upper bass too much. It has 120 Hz boundary at -6dB. So in a DT or triphonics, it will play better with bass speakers, satellite sets are not for it.

AS 1.The 2 is a great choice for lovers of dynamic music and DT. In all applications, the German subwoofer provides a solid bass foundation. “Sub” freely and at the same time very vigorously controls the midbass, but does not forget to play a solid portion of the lower bass, which does not seem sluggish and shapeless at all. It’s nice that the sound of the AS 1.2 retains enviable control at any volume. In addition, the subwoofer has no tendency to overload or have noticeable timbre distortion.

Despite its not too big dimensions and average power amplifier, the subwoofer has good reserve of low-frequency energy, enough to sound rooms with area of 40-50 sq.m. and to provide necessary power for all necessary applications. m.

Of the AS 1’s shortcomings.2 note only some roughness of timbres of “live” instruments and tendency to exaggerate the size of objects in the virtual scene. However, in DT this character of sound only gives the events an additional scale and flavor. Close explosions and powerful stabs are quite capable to shake the viewer, especially impressionable people should probably buy another LF-speaker.

PRICE: $660.


ASKS: dense, accented bass solid sound at high volume.

CONDITIONS: in some places in the music the dynamics of the subwoofer bass becomes superfluous.

EXCLUSIONS: Ergo AS 1.2 SC is a godsend for lovers of DT, rock and electronic music. Subwoofer power reserve is enough to fill a medium-sized room to the brim with bass.

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