Canon begins registration for REIMAGINE, the company’s largest-ever launch event

Canon has revealed details of REIMAGINE, the company’s biggest-ever live event, which will discuss details of the new product launch. On Thursday 9th July, at 15:00 New York time, registered participants will be able to attend a REIMAGINE workshop, where details of the launch of the innovative product will be discussed in detail, as well as a Q&A session .


During the REIMAGINE Q&A session, participants will have the opportunity to have their questions answered in meetings hosted by technology journalist Lucy Hedges, featuring Canon Europe product experts, renowned photographers and video cameramen. REIMAGINE themed meetings will feature Canon ambassadors:

– Ilvi Njokiktien is a renowned documentary photographer from the Netherlands who shoots stories for NGOs and international publishers around the world

– Ivan d’Antonio is one of Italy’s most promising directors, whose short films, commercials and music videos have won numerous international awards

– Javier Cortez is a famous Spanish portrait photographer, fashion photographer and filmmaker who has won numerous competitions

– Martin Bissig is an internationally renowned Swiss photographer with a wide clientele in the sports industry, particularly among cyclists

– Richard Walsh, a photographer and filmmaker from Germany, captures stunning moments from the world of extreme sports and sailing with remarkable precision and creativity in his work

– Robert Mark Lehmann is a marine biologist, explorer diver and underwater camera operator who has visited over 100 countries in pursuit of fantastic footage

– Samo Vidich – does photography projects in the areas of sports, adventure and advertising, his clients include Red Bull and Getty

– Sanjay Jogia – the work of this wedding photographer from the UK has won many awards. He is widely known for his ability to capture both staged and natural shots, bursting with emotion and charm

– Ulla Lohmann is a documentary photographer and adventurer from Germany, shooting the most incredible photos while battling the elements

– Wanda Martin is a London photographer whose romantic, colorful images have graced the pages of major fashion magazines, almanacs, and music magazines

To attend the REIMAGINE event, you must register on the event website:

Changing the future: live broadcast of the event.

09.07.2020 14:00 CEST 15:00 MSK | Broadcast in English only.

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09.07.2020 | 19:00 CEST 20:00 MSK | broadcast available in English only

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