Candy Smart Pro washer-dryer: slim and fast

What the Candy Smart Pro CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer can do?

It took up residence in my kitchen this summer, taking the place of a regular washer under the countertop.

Are my folks happy with this replacement?

I will tell you all in detail.

Candy Smart Pro washer and dryer

Features of Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer

Dimensions: 85 × 60 × 40 cm.

Loading: when washing max. 6kg, 4kg when drying.

Classes: Energy efficiency B, power consumption per cycle wash + drying program Cotton 60 ° C 4.85 kWh, power consumption per cycle wash program Cotton 60 ° C 1.0 kW.

Spin: max.1300 rpm./min.

Service life: 7 years.

This washer has a dryer depth of only 40 cm, but it has the same load as my bigger washing machine. Admittedly, for me, this indicator is not critical: behind the machine there was space left because it stood under the standard countertop, but this is an undeniable advantage.

Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 fits in a small bathroom and does not take up much space in the kitchen, and can wash as much as more bulky devices.

Load of 6 kg for washing in basic programs and 4 kg for drying – this is great for a family of up to 4 people. The Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer is suitable for a family of parents + child, for a couple, for those who live alone.

washing machine

Washing, Washing + Drying



  • Delicate 59′ – maximum load 2 kg, max. 40 degrees. Steam treatment option available. Washing + drying programs – no.
  • Esau 14’30’44’ – respectively 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, max. Temperature 30 ° C, at 44′ – 40 ° C. Washing time + drying time at max. 3h 04 min for maximum load and Extra Degree of Drying./ 3h 20 min./ 3h 34 min.
  • Mixed and coloured 59′ – 6 kg, max. Temperature 40 ° C. Steam treatment option available. Washing time + Drying time at max.With a load of 4 kg and a drying degree Extra – 3 h 49 min.
  • Washing and drying time at maximum load – 3 hrs 02 mins. temperature 40 ° C. Steam treatment option available. Washing time + drying time at max.Time for maximal load and Extra Degree of Drying – 3 h 49 min.
  • Daily 49′ – 6 kg, max. temperature 40 ° C. Steam treatment option available. Washing time + drying time at max.programs with load and drying level Extra – 3 h 39 min.


  • Cotton + Prewash – 6kg, max. 75°C max. Selectable options for soiling and steam treatment.

    Program designed to remove stubborn stains on white fabrics.

    Time at maximum load – 3 h 02 min. Washing + drying time at max.Washing and drying degree Extra – 6 h 52 min.

  • Cotton – 6 kg, max. temperature 75 ° C. Available options for selecting the level of soiling and steam treatment.

    Suitable for washing cotton laundry of normal soiling and is the most energy efficient, but is the longest in terms of time.

    Time at maximum load: 3 hours and 31 minutes. Washing time + drying time at max.Max load and Extra Degree of Drying – 7h 21 min.

  • Wool/Manual – 1 kg, max. Temperature 30 degrees. Time at maximum load – 48 min. Washing + drying time at max.programs with load and drying degree Extra – 2 h 48 min.
  • Synthetic and coloured fabrics – 3 kg, max. temperature 60 ° C. Selectable soiling and steam treatment options available.

    Allows fabrics of different colors and textures to be washed together. Drum roll and water level during rinse cycle optimized.

    Time at maximum load: 1 h 55 min. Washing time + drying time at max.Load and degree of drying Extra – 4 h 45 min.

  • Rinsing – 3 rinses with an intermediate spin. Suitable for all fabrics. Time: 28 min.
  • Empty + spin – emptying and maximum spin. Time: 10 minutes.


7 quick wash programs.

During the testing of the washer-dryer, these were the most popular programs. I realized that out of the standard ones, I may still need only “wool/manual” from time to time, the rest of my clothes and laundry may well be washed in the fast modes.

  • Even in quick programs, you can use steam to treat things.
  • Almost all short programs can be run in a washing + drying cycle. True, in this case we can not use steam in the washing, and there is no need to, because the clothes are dried by steam, and, therefore, at the same time and disinfected.

I was surprised at the standard program times – they are very long, longer than my previous washing machine. In principle, when the machine washes itself, it is not particularly important, but three and a half hours for washing cotton seems to be too long.


Washing quality

If you choose the right program and do not overload the Candy washer and dryer, the washing is excellent. Stains disappear, whites stay white and colors stay colored. I have not had any complaints about the quality. My favorite program was “Perfect 59”, “Mixed and colored 59” was also in demand, and every evening for 14 or 30 minutes I sent the office shirts into the wash.

Drying in a Candy washer-dryer

Can be activated in various ways:

1. Washing + drying.

Select the washing programme, press the drying button, select the degree and the cycle starts automatically. The display lights up with the time it will take.

2. Washing. Drying.

After you finish washing, set the dial to the drying program you want and press start. If you want to change the default settings, press the button and select the desired degree of dryness, then press start. The estimated cycle time is shown on the display.


  • Wool – 1 kg. The degree is set – in the closet, you can not change. Time: 2 hours.
  • Synthetics gentle drying – 3 kg. Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes. – Extra, 1 hour 20 min. – for ironing, 1 hour 30 minutes. – into the cabinet
  • Cotton intensive drying – 4 kg. Time: 3 hours and 50 mins. – Extra, 2 hour 50 min. – Under iron, 3 h 40 min. – into the closet
  • In terms of time – 2 hours, 1 hour 30 minutes., 1 hour, 30 min.


Extra – for bath towels, robes and bulk loads.

Under the iron – the clothes stay damp for easier ironing.

Into the closet for clothes that don’t need ironing.

pile of clothes


At first I set the wash + dry cycle at once. But you can do so only if you want to dry all the laundry you wash, and if the load does not exceed the drying rates.

Then I realized that for me it’s more convenient to first wash in any program and then set the delicate drying mode synthetics by selecting the “under iron” option.

And if I washed one or a couple of things, such as jeans, then to dry them I chose the program for wool.

In these cases, I’ve gotten dry and unabashed items. Because when you dry clothes, blouses, shirts, and linens in the “Cotton” program and choose “Extra” degree, they are very crumpled and overdried. This program is only suitable for things that don’t require ironing: such as terry robes and towels. And if there’s not much, there’s a risk of over-drying.

Washing and drying machines unlike heat pump dryers dry at high temperatures, and therefore things can shrink. Read labels carefully. And if there’s a threat that your clothes might shrink in size, choose the wool program. It is the most delicate in its effect on the fabric.

Jeans, blouses and shirts did not shrink, in any case, no one noticed that the clothes shrank, but a sock that was accidentally left in the machine after the wash and dried with the jeans was smaller than its pair.

or an hour

Large number of programs and options. There is even a timed dryer for the very experienced, who know exactly what the results will be in half an hour or an hour.

I’m not sure I’d give up the dryer on the loggia: not all things are suitable for machine drying.


Candy washer-dryer control panel

Candy Smart Pro washer and dryer control panel

Everything is quite traditional. Got it:

  1. Programs rotary switch – divided into three sections: quick programs + drying + standard programs.
  2. Touch button on. A little alarming that it is not mechanical. But since there is an option to control via smartphone, even in case of sensor failure, you can always turn the machine on.
  3. Display with the time to the end of the cycle. At the beginning of the cycle, the time is lit, which is calculated for the standard load. During the cycle, the machine adjusts the time to the end of the program depending on the load.

Option buttons

  • Fast/soil level – button allows you to choose 14/30 or 44 min time. When selecting the ESO program. When selecting other programs, it helps to set one of the three levels of washing intensity, depending on the degree of contamination of fabrics.
  • Select drying/steam mode – starts the appropriate drying cycle or, if you only wash, adds steam treatment in those programs in which this option is available.
  • Delayed start – up to 24 hours. The selected program will start automatically after a set period of time.
  • Temperature selection – allows you to reduce the washing temperature it is not possible to increase the maximum value allowed for each program .
  • Spin selection – to reduce drum speed while spinning.

The control panel can be locked by pressing 2 buttons at the same time.

The door lock turns off automatically 2 minutes after the end of the wash cycle.

The machine can be paused, for example, to add more laundry at the beginning of a cycle. If there is already a lot of water in the drum at the time you select and/or its temperature is above 45 degrees, the door will not open.

Remote control

To start it:

  1. App needs to be downloaded.
  2. Create a user profile and register the machine.

When washing and drying:

  1. Load the laundry, add powder to the cuvette.
  2. Turn program switch to remote control, door closes, control panel turns off.
  3. Program the wash and dry cycle through the app.
  4. To open the door, turn the switch to the OFF position at the end of the cycle.

Basically, there is no great need to control the Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer via the app: the control panel is user-friendly and clear, there is no need to load the washing and drying modes, there are hundreds of programs and options available. But if you are more comfortable with a smartphone to manage the process and control costs, then, please, such a possibility is provided.

The detergent drawer

Cuvette washer-dryer Candy Smart Pro

Three-way position:

  1. Far right compartment – for detergent used for prewash.
  2. Center – for softeners, starch, fragrance.
  3. The leftmost one is for the main detergent.

Everything is convenient and standard, the powder compartment is the widest. If necessary the cuvette can be taken out and washed.


Turns on with the same button as the dryer. You need to watch for the appropriate indicator to light up. Cannot be programmed to steam wash and tumble dry automatically after washing.

Tumbler The Candy Smart Pro washer/dryer

Kg Detector Technology

The Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer has intelligence. During the first minutes of the wash cycle Candy Smart Pro controls the amount of water needed, determines the cycle time, rinses and drum speed, controls foam level and increases water consumption when needed.

Noise level

Measured with a noise meter on a smartphone:

62dB when washing, 70dB when wringing.

The Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer is not noisy, but it is not silent either. It can be heard during washing and drying, and even more so during spinning. There is no night washing option, if you are disturbed by the sounds of spinning, you can program its work with a timer so that the spinning will start in the morning, for example, instead of the alarm clock.


  1. If there is a lot of foam from the detergent, the machine automatically increases the water flow and can even measure the spin phase.
  2. The machine cancels the spin cycle if the load of laundry is not balanced.
  3. The AquaStop system – in case of a leak the machine switches off automatically.

Candy washer and dryer

Test results

The Candy Smart Pro washer/dryer has a depth of only 40 cm and provides even a small home with a fast and functional laundry that can wash and dry clothes and linen.

Interesting and fast washing cycles for different fabrics, manual mode, steam, various options make it easy to take care of a modern person’s closet. Even a down jacket can be washed in the machine: 6 kg of load in the program “mixed and colored” is quite enough, and the spin speed can be reduced or turned off at all.

Of course, for a large family will need a bigger device, but for the average 2-3 people volume of washing and drying machine Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 quite enough.

As for drying, thanks to the availability of programs for wool and delicate, you can dry things with maximum precision. You should not abuse the “extra” option right away, choose “under the iron” or “in the cabinet”, and after a couple or three cycles you will already understand how everything is dried, and which mode best meets your requirements.

So if you’re thinking about buying a new washing machine, check out the Candy Smart Pro washer-dryer with multiple short wash programs, steam, multiple drying modes and remote control options.

the consumer recommends

The Candy CSOW4 1364T/2-07 washer-dryer gets the “Consumer Recommended” label

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