BONECO W200 air washer: three in one

Air purifier BONECO W200 has three functions at the same time: humidifies, cleans and fragrances the air.

BONECO W200 in the nursery


The BONECO W200 air washer has a modern and stylish appearance. The classical shape of the case and traditional for climate control equipment black and white colors will never go out of fashion. And if we add to it a nice touch matte texture of plastic and unusual graphic ornament of air inlets, we will get an attractive device, which will take a worthy place in living room, nursery or office. It looks very harmonious in any environment.

BONECO W200 macro

Filling with water

BONECO W200 pours water directly into the sump. For this purpose it is enough to remove the upper part of the case with the help of convenient handles at the side and fill the tray with water.

Innovative 3D Sponge

BONECO W200 sponge

The most important difference of the BONECO W200 air washer is the 3D sponge, which is used instead of traditional discs and filters and is responsible for both humidification and purification.

Dust, pollen, allergens, viruses, bacteria, pet hair and other smallest particles are drawn into the air flow through the fan and are caught by the sponge formed from the thousands of wetted synthetic fibers and washed down into the wash tray.

Clean and humidified air in the form of tiny water particles invisible to the eye, is dispersed around the room. This process can be compared to what happens in nature when it rains: the air is cleaned and filled with freshness, and dust and dirt settles. Thanks to the many interwoven fibers, the sponge is always in a wetted state for effective humidification and cleaning.

Despite its compact dimensions of 280x280x412mm the air washer contains 4.5 liters of water and humidifies a room of 50 m2 with an air capacity of up to 500 grams per hour.

Sponge stays as wet as possible even at the lowest water level in the tray less than 1 cm .


BONECO W200 details

The ionizing silver ISS bar is responsible for hygienic operation, preventing water “blooming”, bacteria growth and odor.

The sponge is very easy to remove from the drum. To do this, turn the side of the drum in the direction of the arrow shown on it and remove the lock. The sponge can then be removed from the drum, placed in the dishwasher or washing machine, the detergent you normally use poured in, and the program started with a temperature of up to 90°C.

The sponge tray is dishwasher safe by removing the ISS bar. After completing the washing process, put the sponge on the drum, install it in the appliance, pour clean fresh water into the tray, select the desired operating mode night or intensive and enjoy healthy air.

Operation modes

BONECO W200 overview

The BONECO W200 is easy and intuitive to operate. The air washer is equipped with a mechanical mode switch.

  • In intensive mode, the BONECO W200 cleans and humidifies the air in the room with maximum efficiency.
  • In night mode, the BONECO W200 air washer operates at minimum fan speed, the sound of which is completely inaudible. Night mode is ideal for maintaining a comfortable level of humidity for sleep.

Next to the power switch there is a light indicator. When the air washer is working and there is enough water in it, it glows green. When the water level gets low, the indicator light changes from green to red to indicate the need for refilling.


With the BONECO W200 air cleaner you can not only clean and humidify the air in your room, but also fill it with a pleasant fragrance. For this purpose, the back wall of the device has a container for aroma oils. During the season of acute colds you can conduct aromatherapy procedure, disinfecting the air due to the phytoncides contained in essential oils.

BONECO W200 in the living room

The BONECO W200 air washer combines ease of operation and maintenance with an effective air cleaning system.

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