Black and white with a hint of stainless steel: overview of ELECTRONICSDELUXE built-in appliances

The Electronicsdeluxe company, a American manufacturer of household appliances, offers its customers a new line of built-in appliances. It features a combination of instruments in black and white, combined with the popular stainless steel.


The austere forms and refined simplicity of materials in the new series can delight even the most discerning audience and enliven an exclusive interior, giving it an inimitable elegance.

High functionality and harmony of form, thoughtful details and durable materials, ease of operation and care – all this will make your kitchen a pleasure to use for many years to come.


Gas Hob

HOTTERS: front left 3.0 kW, far left 1.75 kW, front right 1.0 kW, far right 1.75 kW.

PANEL: glass, black.

Grilles: 2, cast iron.

CONTROL: Control knobs with automatic ignition.

SAFETY: gas control.

SIZES: 580x510x40 mm, recess for installation 560x480x150 mm.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

Electric ovens

It’s a “gas on glass” type appliance. The glossy black panel looks really smart. And it needs very little care: since the panel itself is not heated, dirt does not adhere to it and can be removed with a simple soap solution.


Panel grids are solid, cast-iron, stable. Dishwasher safe.

The panel is installed flush with the table top. That gives you two pluses. First of all, the combination of surfaces looks quite spectacular. Secondly, it makes cleaning easier.

The style of the model is modern. So it would look great in a modern kitchen! and high-tech. But courageous housewives can also equip their kitchens with this appliance, which is close to the classic style. These solutions are in fashion with the Italians, they give spice to the entire kitchen composition, making it not so theatrical, a little daring and interesting.

The panel blends in perfectly with the rest of the integrated appliances – with black glass fronts on the oven and hood. Black goes well with colored fronts, laminate, paint, glass, as well as with natural, tinted and whitewashed wood shades.

Built-in appliances


The panel combines almost a complete set of necessary for every housewife features that make everyday use of the device easy and pleasant.

The burners are positioned so as to set the table more comfortably. The smallest and the most powerful burners are located on the near side. In the far one, the same medium-power elements.

The burners are ignited using knobs on the right side of the control panel. To turn on the element you need to push the knob slightly down and turn it counterclockwise. The flame intensity, as usual, is regulated step by step, by feel. The controls are equipped with a “low flame” position, which allows you to reduce the heat to a minimum in a single movement.


The panel is equipped with a modern system of protection against fuel leakage. When the panel is in operation, the system monitors the presence of flame on all activated burners. This is done with the help of a thermocouple. If the flame goes out for any reason, the burner temperature starts dropping instantly. The thermocouple reacts by cutting off the gas supply to the burner.

Price: 9650 Dollars.


Gas Hob

FLAMES: Front left 3.0 kW, far left 1.75 kW, front right 1.0 kW, far right 1.75 kW.

PANEL: glass, silver color.

Grilles: 2, cast iron.

CONTROL: automatic pilot burner controls.

SAFETY: gas control.

SIZES: 580x510x40mm, recess for mounting 560x480x150mm.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

Gas panels


Steel color can be considered a classic color, especially for modern kitchens. But it also has different shades, which gives a certain visual effect. This model uses a beautiful light color, “without green,” close to the aluminum.

That’s why the hob looks so neat and even noble. Drawing of the cast iron grids with straight lines harmonizes perfectly with the overall look of the panel. The grids conveniently hold pans of different diameters. The grids are easily removable for cleaning.

And cleaning will be much more convenient because the hob is flush with the worktop, i.e. its surface is flush with the table. Shake off crumbs, collect moisture in one motion. Simple but effective and effective.

Gas hobs


Four burners. One of them is powerful enough to heat any, including large volumes of water, broth or milk, roast and stew in large pans and sauté pans in a few minutes. It is ideal for use with pressure cooker and steam cooker as it gives intense heat.

A small burner is also needed every day to make a morning cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, etc. It won’t stay empty very often.

Two of these elements the developers have placed in the front row. The back row is reserved for two identical medium-powered burners.

Automatic one-handed ignition system applied to the appliance. Lightly press the control knob and simultaneously turn the control knob to activate the piezo element on the burner.

The flame intensity regulation is stepless, with two fixed positions – low flame and maximum flame.


The hob is monitored at all times by the gas control system, whose purpose is to protect the user from gas leaks. It operates when the flame goes out, cutting off the gas supply to the burner.

Price 8050 Dollars.

ELECTRONICSDELUXE 6009.02ashv esp. 014

An independent electric oven

VOLUME:58 l.

MODES: max t250 °C, 8 modes of operation: top+low heat, top+low heat+fan, bottom heat, bottom heat+fan, grill, grill+fan, circular heater+fan, fan defrost lighting.

CONTROL: PushPull buttons for operating modes selection, thermostat with indicators and programmer with digital display.



SAFETY: 2 panes of glass in the door, overheat protection, automatic shutoff, tangential cooling.

FRONT: black glass, stainless steel inserts.

CARING: traditional, smooth enamel, removable door.

ACCESSORIES: grid, tray, deep pan.

DIMENSIONS: 595x600x590 mm, 582x565x570 mm recess.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

Built-in appliances

When choosing an oven, a housewife has to solve two problems at the same time. The device should make a beautiful pair with the stove hob and fully satisfy its new owners in terms of functionality.


Oven 6009.02ashv esp. 014 fits on both hobs of the new range. The front is decorated with black glass and steel, which decorates the control box, the lower part of the door and also applies on the knobs and control knob.

The modern style of the oven emphasizes its function and supports the design of hobs.

Electric ovens


The oven has all kinds of heaters and they can be used alone or in combination. Depending on the combination of modes, the oven can cook in eight modes.

The most familiar to most housewives are the conventional heating elements, which are located at the bottom and under the ceiling of the chamber. They can be used in two modes at the same time. The first one simply heats both elements at the same time. The classical baking mode for pastry, which is often the preferred method for making traditional closed pies with various fillings.

A more complex variation of the mode adds a fan to the work of heating elements. It speeds up the cooking process and lowers the cooking temperature. The fan distributes the air flow so that the food is evenly cooked and browned.

Lower grill can be turned on separately.

This mode is suitable for dishes in pots, open pies, you can use it to dry tomatoes and herbs. The fan assisted bottom fan mode allows to reduce the cooking time. And what is very important for drying: set the temperature to a lower level, which preserves all nutrients, colors and natural flavor better.

The grill mode is also available in two versions: solo and multi with fan . Solo allows you to brown small portions of food – chicken wings, toast, sausages. The fan grill mode replaces cooking with the rotisserie and is ideal for whole chicken, knuckles and large pieces of meat. The fan directs the air flow around the cavity so that the browning is uniform on all sides of the food.

Convection mode is available for cooking several dishes or a large quantity of one dish at a time. The heat from the ring element, which stands on the back wall, is distributed by the fan. Thanks to this position it goes horizontally, and the smells of the different dishes do not mix.

A defrosting mode for those who value their time. It speeds up the process of natural melting, again due to the work of the fan, that is, the circulation of air


PushPull recessed knobs control the temperature and modes of operation of the oven. The programmer is used to control the cooking time. It is equipped with a keypad and a display for controlling the values.

Price 14 100 Dollars.

ELECTRONICSDELUXE 6009.02ashv esp. 012

Independent Electric Oven

VOLUME:58 l.

MODES: Max. t250 °C, 8 modes: Top+Bottom Heat, Top+Bottom Heat+Fan, Bottom Heat, Bottom Heat+Fan, Grill, Grill+Fan, Circular Heater+Fan, Fan defrost , light.

CONTROL: PushPull buttons for setting, thermostat with indicators, programmer with digital display.



SAFETY: 2 panes of glass in the door, overheat protection, automatic shutoff, tangential cooling.

FRONT: White Glass.

CARING: conventional, enamelled and smooth, removable door.

ACCESSORIES: grid, tray, deep pan.

SIZES: 595x600x590mm, 582x565x570mm niche.

WARRANTY: 3 years.



The white appliance looks very impressive in any kitchen.

In combination with light shades, it gives the kitchen a festive mood, creates a sense of cleanliness, order. Colored fronts with white also look advantageous, but in this case the interior takes on a playful note, becoming more mischievous, playful.

And the combination with wood veneer brings to the kitchen a theme of sustainability, closeness to nature, especially in modern interiors. In a word, a white oven is a very interesting, striking accent for a kitchen.

It offers one more “bonus” to housewives. White impurities and traces of their hasty removal are less visible, which means that the feeling of perfect order in the kitchen will be with you every day.

The style of the model is modern but not rigid. It is softened a little by the use of only one element, the knob with a circular cross section, which incidentally harmonizes with the controls on the panels.

Built-in appliances


The oven has eight modes of operation. It should be noted that this set is very successful. Two modes for baking bottom heat and top heat are universal, suitable for pies, buns and casseroles, but also for meat dishes. Depending on the recipe, you can use the dual-fan mode or fan assisted version. For example, if you want to brown the baked pork, it’s better to use it with air circulation, but if you want to French roast it’s better to use it without air circulation.

The bottom heat is underestimated by many cooks, and is often used for auxiliary purposes – heating, soaking pans, and cooking trays. However, it can simulate the work of a stone oven. This mode is convenient for stewing milk in the pot, drying formed dough for pizza, cooking julienne in cocotte pans. It can also be turned on together with a fan.

Oven grilling is available with grill and convection grill. For flat meals and small portions the first option is suitable. Voluminous products will turn out well in the second case, as it guarantees even exposure to the product, regardless of its shape.

Big families will need the fan mode. You can cook with it on three different levels of baking trays at the same time. It is not necessary to put the same dishes on them, they do not mix up the smells, and you can bake a pie, meat loaf and cookies in one step. Only one condition – general temperature requirements.


It is possible to switch the desired mode with the recessed knobs. They select the mode of operation and make thermostat settings. The model also has a programmer. This interesting device is used to automatically control the cooking process.

With it, the oven can start cooking at the time set by the hostess and finish it according to the settings. The programmer can calculate the operation of the oven in order to get a ready meal at a certain moment. And all this without direct human involvement.

Price 14 100 Dollars.

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