Audio system with karaoke – let’s sing with LG

You can create your own impromptu stage anywhere, whether it’s in an apartment or in the yard of a private house.


For a noisy party in the countryside

But to hear the song well you need a powerful audio system, such as the LG XBOOM OL90DK with an output power of 1100 watts.


Convenient transportation – it has wheels, which means that without much effort it is easy to roll it to where you want.

Suitable for duets – two microphone jacks, giving your family an opportunity to support you and perform with you.

Mic from any track – there is a button to mute the vocals, you can change the tone of the song so it was convenient to sing it with your voice, and add vocal effects to your liking.’


LG XBOOM DM5660K, DM5360K and CL65DK are suitable for country houses – they can be easily put in the car trunk for transportation, and thanks to convenient carrying handles, you can place them directly on the site in any part of the improvised dance floor, where there is a network connection.

To make the singing comfortable and the choice of repertoire is not difficult, the package includes a disc with 2 000 songs and a slot for a microphone.

LG music

By the way, if we consider audio systems with karaoke from different manufacturers, only LG models have full support of this function, including a disc with songs and a microphone in the kit.

For a balcony and an apartment


For singing in the city the LG XBOOM OL75DK music system with light pulsating in time with the music and a DJ panel in the frame will do.

600 watt of power to impress listeners without incurring the wrath of the neighbors.

For online karaoke parties of up to 100 people at Zoom


Take advantage of the chic feature from the Zoom app – connect up to 100 people simultaneously via video call. Imagine what a chorus it would be if everyone sang at the same time.

Turn on the LG XBOOM OM7550K audio system – it’s so powerful it’s enough for everyone. Rhythmic lighting to create a club atmosphere and a DJ booth.

For movie and music lovers


The LG LHB655NK home theater with karaoke features two microphone slots.

This 5.1-channel audio system with surround sound.

And if everyone is asleep in the evening, and you want to listen to your favorite tracks, you can connect your smartphone to your home theater and listen to music in your headphones without disturbing anyone.

LG music

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