Alice in LG Smart TVs

Alice is available in all LG 2022 smart TV models

. The voice assistant and her new skills appear in TVs as firmware updates. In addition, the voice assistant Alice has its own button on the remote control on LG TV models on



Movies and music with Alice

The main plus of LG TVs with Alice is the integration with the Cinema Search app for Smart TV, where subscribers Plus have access to thousands of movies and TV series, as well as all the features of Yandex Music with “My Wave”, audiobooks and podcasts.

Alice in LG TVs has learned to manage new scenarios. For example she can find a movie, cartoon or TV series by name, suggest a movie with a favorite actor, as well as recommend something for the evening. All you have to do is say, “Alice, turn on the TV series Patient Zero” or “Alice, recommend a comedy.

In addition to searching for movies, Alice will help turn on content from Yandex Music on the TV. You can ask her to put on a specific song, artist, audiobook or podcast – or simply say “Turn on My Wave” and enjoy an endless personalized stream of music based on user preference.

Head of Alice and Smart Devices Sergey Melnik.

“Voice control is a very convenient script for interacting with TVs. Anyone can do it, even a little kid. Now you can voice-activate movies, cartoons and TV series. And immediately get recommendations from Alice on what else to watch

LG’s smart TVs offer other Alice smarts as well. It’s capable of supporting a conversation, finding the answer to a question and controlling a smart home. For example, she can turn down the lights in the living room or put the kettle on.

LG and Yandex

LG and Yandex collaboration has a long history. In 2011, Yandex released the first app for LG smart TVs, and then became the default search on those models. In 2019, the companies entered into a strategic partnership on artificial intelligence, and the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ smart speaker with the Alice voice assistant was developed. In 2020 smart speakers with Alice will learn to control LG TV sets. And recently on the remote controls of LG smart TVs there are special buttons for Movie Search and Alice.

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