Once every two years in April Milan turns into a capital of design and technology – the Eurocucina exhibition attracts specialists from all over Europe and China to see, touch, evaluate and take pictures of new pieces of furniture and kitchen equipment. This exhibition is both a progress report and a bid for future achievements.


CANDY WTC Touch Screen Door Oven

Prototypes are often shown here that are only scheduled for production. True, in recent years, manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to surprise the sophisticated public. It seems that everything has already been thought up and created, the only thing that changes is the color and shape of the knobs.

But in April 2016, the Italian company CANDY managed to amaze all the guests by introducing its new creation – a plate oven. There was a great deal of interest in the new product. I was able to take a picture of the oven right before the closure of the exhibition when the visitors had already left, before that during the whole day there was a crowd of people around the oven and Candy managers were patiently showing everyone what the door-screen possibilities were.

Vacuum cleaners

CANDY WTC touch screen door oven

There’s a built-in video camera in the oven door to start with so you don’t have to open the door to see if your biscuit has risen or your chicken has fried. The screen will let you see the food in all its beauty and 100% of its color and state, unlike the distorted light that we usually see through a glass.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. The oven door serves as a touch screen, with the touch of a finger you can change the heating modes, set the temperature and even control every second of cooking.

But there’s more. The screen will also help in selecting the menu, replacing a thousand cookbooks: it will prompt a recipe, indicate what ingredients are needed, calculate the calories.

You don’t have to watch your food all the time, and you can watch the news, chat on social networks, or watch your favorite movie while it’s cooking. And, of course, you can control the oven with your smartphone. The CANDY simplyFi range already does that.


Ovens are a big theme at CANDY this year. The company has spent a lot of money on automation and optimization of production. The result is a perfect fit and finish, with perfect geometry, and… lower cost thanks to a cheaper process.

Built-in washing machines

Built-in washing machines

Candy 2016 ovens will delight us with their volumes 78 liters at standard sizes and new features.

Among new models, the CANDY FCEK826XL has a choice of cleaning methods. You can take advantage of the pyrolysis function. In this case, with the door locked, the oven heats to 450 – 500 ° C, during which all the dirt is burned, and you will only have to collect the ash. If the oven is not heavily soiled, you can resort to steam cleaning: you pour water on the bottom of the chamber, turn on the heating program, the steam on a smooth enamel softens the dirt, and you can easily get rid of it, wiping the walls with a damp cloth.

Built-in appliances

The CANDY FXE825X WiFi oven can be controlled via your smartphone as the name implies . This not only allows you to remotely turn on the device and change the mode, but also to download new recipes and turn them into automatic programs. For example, you can cook a dish that the Australian owner of a CANDY oven posted on the net and discuss with the author the nuances of cooking and peculiarity of different spices.


The CANDY FCDE828VX oven doubles as two small ovens. A thermal insulating plate is installed in the middle, and it is then possible to cook completely different dishes in each chamber, using separate heating modes there is a specific set to choose from and setting autonomous temperatures.

built-in appliances

Built-in appliances

Note also the new lighting system of the ovens LED lights are built into the door on both sides and the new glazing system with increased distance between the panes, which further reduces the temperature of the outer pane of the oven. The shape of flush-type switches in some models has also changed, they have become more ergonomic and “obedient.

Built-in washing machines

Built-in wine cabinets


Electric ovens

A godsend for American wine lovers – the new CANDY wine cabinets for the inside. Their uniqueness is in the combination of exquisite design with minimal size. CANDY CCVB 30 holds nineteen bottles, the CANDY CCVB 15 holds seven. The perfect amount for ordinary people! In addition, the cabinet for seven bottles can easily fit even in a small six-meter kitchen. It’s nice that refrigerators for wine will soon appear on sale in our country, so if you’re up for a makeover in the kitchen, make a reservation.



CANDY CN204XAB WiFi fridge can be controlled from your smartphone. It is convenient because it allows you to start modes of superfreezing or supercooling in time to prepare the equipment for your return from summer cottage or supermarket.

Of the brand new equipment – purification of air in the refrigerator from unpleasant odors and bacteria. Two devices are used: a titanium oxide TiO2 filter and an ultraviolet emitter that activates a photocatalytic process in the filtration chamber. The best part is that the filtration system works for the entire life of the refrigerator and there is no need to buy any consumables.

New for the company’s refrigerators is the use of LED lighting, which is economical and bright. No piece of cheese gets lost on the shelf – you see it all.


Built-in appliances

The washing machine does not seem to belong to the kitchen appliances in Europe. But CANDY specialists seem to work specially for us. Because in America the washing machine is a frequent guest in the kitchen. Now you can buy a built-in washing machine with great functionality and great looks. Of course, it’s hidden behind the kitchen front, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a beauty and making your hostess happy, showing both a handy control panel and a wide loading hatch. And the range of washing programs is also superb. There is simultaneous washing of different cloths in low temperature water Mix Power System + technology , and several options for quick washing – an hour, half an hour, 14 minutes, and even smartphone control. Machine loading – 9 kg. By the end of the year, manufacturers promise to bring new products to America.

Built-in dishwashers for 16 and 10 place settings were also presented. Their features are A++ efficiency and low noise levels of just 43 and 47 dB during operation.


But CANDY stand is not only CANDY equipment, because the company owns many brands. At the exhibition there were three: CANDY, HOOVER and ROSI&Egrave RES, representing the Italian way of life combined with English technology and French luxury.

Vacuum cleaners

In our country HOOVER is a high-class vacuum cleaner making home cleaning easier. And in Europe the whole range of kitchen equipment of this brand is represented. Six collections including hobs, ovens, hoods, dishwashers, built-in microwave ovens and refrigerators were presented at the exhibition.

ROSI brand&Egrave RES is French haute cuisine. It’s over 170 years old and the ROSI appliances&Egrave RES belongs to the premium segment and takes its rightful place in the best French kitchens. And here in Milan the ROSI&Egrave RES was presented for the first time. All models are characterized by unique design, satisfying even the most demanding chefs. Several collections combine our love for tradition with the possibilities of modern technology.

Both the concepts and ready-made solutions from the CANDY HOOVER GROUP can make our lives more convenient, easier and more beautiful. We look forward to seeing the new models on the shelves. And we are sure that all novelties will be popular, because the company’s pricing policy is democratic, especially since in our country CANDY appliances always cost cheaper than in Europe. We hope that this tradition will be honored now.

Built-in appliances

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