A mini view of the Thomas Twin Panther vacuum cleaner

The new budget model that combines dry and wet cleaning ability is a real anti-crisis gift for fans of German quality who need a multi-functional vacuum cleaner and have limited resources for such purchase.

Vacuum Cleaners

Thomas Twin Panther with dust bag


POWER: max 1600 watts.

FILTER: motor filter, exhaust micro filter. For dry vacuuming: MicroPor® bag.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: electronic control, soft-touch control switches, large, moisture-proof buttons.

CONSTRUCTION: special pump, 2.4 L tank for clean water and detergent, 5 L tank for aspirated liquid, steel telescopic tube, vertical and horizontal parking with the ability to install the tube during the cleaning breaks, 6 m cord length, 10 m range, automatic cable retraction.

CONTAINMENT: mist nozzle for cleaning carpets and adapters for smooth surfaces tiles, floor tiles, linoleum, etc. .p.The new budget-friendly version of the THOMAS Mokko Aqua-Box XT has a 22 cm long crevice nozzle, switchable floor/mat dry mopping nozzle, soft furniture mopping nozzle with thread remover, 1 bottle of detergent concentrate for carpets and hard floors, and a 6L Thomas MicroPor® XXL dust bag.

COLOR: black.

DIMENSIONS: 324mm x 483mm x 353mm.

WEIGHT: 8.4kg without accessories .

WARRANTY: 2 years.



Thomas Twin Panther will clean your floors fast and thoroughly with pure water, vacuum your carpet down to the pile, pump out water in emergencies, and wash painted walls and windows with a smooth surface adaptor. The powerful turbine feeds water from a special nozzle under pressure, destroying the stubborn dirt, and a special surface nozzle removes it without residue and prevents stains.

Dirty water tank, which is designed to receive 5 liters, in the form of a bucket with a handle. Place a 6-litre MicroPor® dust bag in the cleaner for dry vacuuming that cleans up to a few times. When disposing of the dustbag its inlet can be closed with a plastic dustbag holder, thus preventing dust from escaping and making the entire procedure very hygienic.

Compact enough for a wet vacuum cleaner with a stand that is only 48.3 cm long. Can also be placed upright, so it fits even in a small closet. Large dust radius allows for vacuuming up to 10 meters from an electrical outlet. Vacuum cleaner and pump buttons are large no need to bend over and press them with your foot , comfortable and water resistant.

The range of nozzles includes only the most current items: The user doesn’t overpay for unnecessary accessories – they can always choose from the enormous Thomas’ range and buy additional items as needed.

budget multifunctional model, minimal nozzles, compact size, long range, power.

1 dust bag only.

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