Zyxel’s new series of firewalls will help small and medium-sized businesses get back on track after the pandemic ends

Today, because of the pandemic, working from home has become the norm, so many companies have problems securing communications with their employees who have moved to remote. Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of trusted AI and cloud-based solutions for businesses and homes, today introduced the new USG FLEX series of mid-range firewalls that small and medium-sized businesses SMBs can use to stay securely connected to their remote workforce now and beyond the pandemic.


New Zyxel USG FLEX100/200/500 firewalls feature more powerful hardware and advanced software. Compared to the previous Zyxel USG series, up to 125% increased firewall performance and up to 500% increased Unified Threat Management UTM performance. In addition to enhanced, scalable network security, the new firewalls provide remote VPN access, wireless access point management, and full hot spot management functionality, making them an all-in-one network solution.

Local network protection based on global cyber threat intelligence

USG FLEX Series firewalls support Zyxel Cloud Query, a continuously updated cloud-based threat intelligence service that collects information from multiple sources. The database includes malware samples from leading independent research labs and threat information from Zyxel firewalls deployed worldwide. It enables them to effectively defend against zero-day attacks. Using Cloud Query artificial intelligence, the algorithm classifies threats and determines the risk level of each threat, so that the company can identify the most dangerous ones and promptly take the necessary protection measures.

Working in a new environment

USG FLEX firewalls increase productivity from home by enabling flexible and secure VPN connections to the corporate network. Including IPsec-based VPN, SSL and L2TP over IPsec. Fully automatic Zero- configuration significantly reduces the burden on the IT department of the company and allows the employee to quickly set up their own work from home. Built-in wireless access point controller on the firewall enables you to manage your WiFi network without purchasing an additional controller.

Flexible licensing option helps SMBs through challenging times

Customers looking to upgrade their USG to USG FLEX can do so with their existing licenses instead of buying new ones. Buy licenses to separately activate security services Content Filtering, Anti-Virus or Zyxel SecuReporter Premium Analytics and Reporting or buy the entire UTM security license bundle. Also offers a specialized package of services for the hospitality industry.

“In order to continue to do business in the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital for companies to provide secure access to their corporate networks for employees working remotely as well as securely,” said Nathan Yen, vice president AVP at Zyxel and head of the Zyxel Gateway Business Unit. – The USG FLEX series of firewalls is a secure, flexible and easy-to-use solution ideal for SMB customers”.

Zyxel’s comprehensive portfolio of information security solutions gives any company, regardless of size, the flexibility, power and performance to best protect its business from ever-changing cyber threats.

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