Zyxel brings to America two new LTE routers

Outside of cities, wired infrastructure often does not allow for high-speed Internet connections, or none at all. To solve this problem, Zyxel has added two new routers, the LTE3316 and LTE7240, to its line of LTE devices. The devices provide excellent speed, stable connection and have the functions, allowing them to become the reliable assistant not only at home, but also in business.


Zyxel LTE7240

Zyxel LTE7240-M403 4G LTE outdoor router gets internet signal from mobile operator’s base station. This allows the user to set up an LTE connection as primary or backup when primary wired Internet is not available. What’s more, the LTE7240 supports PoE connection, so the wired signal to the router comes at the same time as the power, eliminating unnecessary wires. Router is equipped with highly sensitive antennas and protected from external influences by IP56.

Thanks to the router and bridge mode support the device can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. You can use the LTE7240 as an ordinary router as well as add it to an existing network by connecting it to access points and other network devices.

The omni-directional antennae with a 7 dBi gain, which the device is equipped with, work effectively in the open air. Antenna design allows to receive LTE signal even in the places where its power leaves much to be desired.

Firmware update is done over the air and does not require uninstalling the device.

The new products will be available in America at the end of December 2018.

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