Zyxel Armor G5: 12-stream multi-gigabit wireless router with Wi-Fi 6

Zyxel Networks released the Armor G5 AX6000 powerful 12-stream multi-gigabit secure wireless router using Wi-Fi 6 technology. The device provides data-intensive users with the high efficiency, capacity and gigabit speeds needed to deliver high-resolution video and IoT applications over the network.


Sales of mobile devices supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard are growing rapidly today. These devices address the lack of Wi-Fi performance in high-bandwidth environments such as the home office, IoT applications, and high-resolution video.

“However, most early Wi-Fi 6 users are not yet able to fully appreciate the full potential of the new generation of devices because they do not have a wireless router that supports this standard, and as a result, the speed gains are much less than expected,” said Nathan Yen, senior vice president AVP , Zyxel Gateway SBU division.

“We designed the Armor G5 specifically for those users who need maximum wireless and wired network performance, including coverage and bandwidth. Our new router improves home network efficiency and capacity and reduces latency to network devices,” added Ian.

The heart of the Armor G5 – a powerful 64-bit quad-core CPU 2.2 GHz, coupled with 13 high-gain antennas and 12 Wi-Fi streams, providing the router with more than 30 simultaneous connections at the highest possible speed.

To serve wired connections, the Armor G5 is equipped with a multi-gigabit 10G Gig Ethernet LAN port that offers multiple times the speeds of 1G, 2.5G and 5G, used in most wireless routers manufactured today. For multimedia content creators and other users who frequently need to write large files or back them up to their NAS storage system over the local network, using the Armor G5 10-gigabit port every month will save hours of work time.


Armor G5 also provides maximum security for home users, self-employed and small office workers. This router is fully compatible with OpenVPN software, allowing you to connect it to any VPN service. This gives the user the ability to protect all connections and devices on their home network, including those that would not normally support VPN protection such as smart TVs and game consoles . If users are away from their home, the router allows them to create a VPN tunnel to connect securely to their home network.

To get your router up and running as quickly and easily as possible, it comes with the Armor Mobile App, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. In addition, the handy web-interface allows you to easily manage the device, even if the user is not versed in network technologies at all.

Zyxel also announced an affordable Wi-Fi 5 model in the Armor series, the Armor G1 multi-gigabit secure wireless router with parental control

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