Zyxel 10 Gigabit Switches for Home and Small Office

Zyxel Networks, provider of trusted artificial intelligence and cloud-based home and business solutions, announces a series of multi-gigabit switches, for use in small offices or homes. XGS1210-12 Web-managed 12-port switch and XGS1010-12 unmanaged 12-port switch. Both models are equipped with two 2 ports.5G and two 10G SFP ports+.


Easily upgrade to 10-gigabit speeds for maximum productivity for content creators

Designed for home and small office graphic design, video production/online video playback, and large file transfers to servers, NAS systems and other devices. Up to 10Gbps of bandwidth is fully supported by these switches for next-generation WiFi 6 devices and eliminates data transmission bottlenecks between wireless devices and the wired LAN.

Key Features and Benefits of the XGS1210-12 and XGS1010-12 Multi-gigabit Switches

  • Interfaces and ports supporting multi-gigabit speeds – both switch models have eight gigabit ports and two copper 2.5Gbps RJ-45, enabling switches to serve a variety of applications and devices. Two 10Gbps SFP+ ports provide a high-speed uplink to the backbone, or can be used for top-speed NAS storage or workstation connectivity.

  • QoS quality of service – Different applications, users and video/audio/data traffic can be assigned different priorities to ensure consistent network availability and maximum performance for the most important applications or employees.

  • Link aggregation – Multiple ports on the XGS1210-12 can be aggregated to build a single high-speed data link that enables fast, high-data transfers and improves link resiliency.

  • Rugged enclosure and quiet operation – A wall-mounted metal enclosure provides reliable protection for internal switch components and easy device deployment both switches have no

  • fan, so they operate quietly and can be installed in residential and SOHO office environments.

  • Easy to use – The XGS1010-12 unmanaged switch is a plug-and-play device that requires no configuration, and the XGS1210-12 uses an easy-to-use web-based graphical management interface for quick switch deployment and easy maintenance.

“Consumers today often use ‘heavy’ applications that no longer have the bandwidth of a home or small office network built on single Gigabit Ethernet,” said Bill Su, Senior Vice President AVP , Zyxel Smart Living Business Unit. -New Zyxel 10-Gigabit switches can quickly, easily and cost-effectively upgrade your existing network to support 10 Gbps speeds. Eliminating network bottlenecks significantly improves performance and reliability. The rapid deployment of WiFi 6 technology requires upgrading existing 1 Gbps wired LANs because they are not physically capable of delivering the speeds required for next-generation wireless devices.”

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