Zigmund & Shtain kitchen machine: planetary mixer + blender + meat grinder

The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine replaces three household appliances in your kitchen: a planetary mixer, a meat grinder, a blender. Let’s see if it can really knead tough dough, make smoothies and twist mincemeat of any kind?

Zigmund & Stain kitchen machine

The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine design

The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 looks like a planetary mixer and is the same size. But there are two additional sockets on the body: on the top right – to connect the blender, on the front side – for the meat grinder.

Sockets covered with removable silver colored doors. To set the meat grinder, just press and the door will open.

zigmund & shtain kitchen machine

To install the blender, you need to turn the “door” and remove, putting your fingers in the special notches.

zigmund & shtain kitchen machine

Next to the doors there are clear and clear pictograms, so even when using the kitchen machine for the first time there is no difficulty.

Inside the Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine there is a AC motor with a metal gearbox and a reinforced copper winding.

We have not disassembled it, we believe the manufacturer .

  • Standing firmly on the countertop, seven rubberized fixing feet are responsible for this.
  • The 1 m mains cord allows the food processor to be placed far enough away from the socket.

Planetary mixer

zigmund & shtain kitchen machine

The maximum volume of ingredients:

  • 2.2 l of liquid dough 0.8-1 l of thick dough,
  • The maximum quantity of flour – 1 kg,
  • Whipping cream: 1 l,
  • Whites for beating: 3 to 12 pcs.

Bowl: steel, with carrying handle, filling capacity ranging from 0.3 l to 4.5 l.

Attachments: whisk, mixer, hook for dough.

The lid is made of transparent plastic with a hole for adding ingredients.

The most interesting detail is the whisk. It’s bulkier, sturdier, and more professional than many inexpensive planetary mixers. Two-storey design: six shorter and six farther apart. Each edge is angled, not just rounded like most whisk attachments. This shape allows the whisk to whip cream better over the whole surface of the bowl.

The dough hook and mixing attachment are metal, sturdy, with a convenient and easy attachment to the bowl.

Zigmund & shtain kitchen machine

Plastic lid with rubberized inserts to hold it in place and a large, wide, convenient opening with rims for adding ingredients.

It’s true that when the bowl and nozzle are spinning, it’s hard to add something not on the nozzle but in the bowl. The work of the mixer is better to suspend for those couple of seconds or at least reduce the speed to a minimum .

The bowl is metal with a convenient carrying handle. It is roomy, conveniently shaped. Easy to clean after use.

Stationary blender

zigmund & shtain food processor

  • Jug: tempered glass, 1.5L capacity. There is a handle and spout.
  • Black SAN lid with hole for adding ingredients, measuring cup.
  • Manufacturers recommend turning it on at 6 speed and using the turbo mode.
  • Ingredient temperature – not higher than 60 ° C.
  • Blade with 4 blades in different directions.The jug is heavy with thick walls, so it is not clear why the manufacturers indicated a temperature above 60 ° C undesirable for the ingredients. I think this is overkill. The blender is quite capable of baking hot soup. But sharp temperature changes do not like glass, so do not pour hot water into it after crushing ice or, on the contrary, cool it sharply after hot.

There are gradation marks on the walls of the jug:

  • On one side in milliliters from 250 to 1500 mm, in increments of 250 ml. Beside the indication of portions from 1 to 6, which correspond to the measurement in milliliters. One serving = 250 ml.
  • On the other side there are marks from 4 to 15, it is not clear what the unit is, but it does not really matter. The main thing is that there are indications in ml.
  • The nose is small, but convenient for pouring liquids.

The jug has a black plastic lid on top. On the rim, there are two strips, and on the wall of the jug, there is an arrow with a marking loosen . But really, the lid just needs to be pressed down to close the jug tightly, you can’t screw it on. Plastic – high quality, pleasant to the touch, without extraneous odors.

In the center of the lid is a round hole through which you can add ingredients while the blender is running. It has a cup for measuring the product volume 20/ 40/ 60 ml .

Jug is easy to insert into its seat.

The blade rotates on all speeds, but in the instructions of the manufacturer recommends to set the blender to the maximum speed or use the turbo mode.

Meat grinder

Zigmund & shtain Kitchen Combine

  • Three grates 3/ 6/ 7.5 mm.
  • Kebbe nozzle.
  • Sausage nozzle.
  • Pusher.
  • Stainless steel tray.All additional nozzles and grates are kept directly in the pusher. And it’s very handy!

Now, not every stationary grinder comes with three grates with different hole diameters, and here, in addition to them, there is a nozzle for making homemade sausages.

The meat grinder is easy to install and also easy to remove. Standing in the socket firmly.

The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine features

zigmund & shtain food processor

Provides 6 speeds with stepless switching. There is a turbo mode, but the manufacturer’s instructions recommend using it only when the blender is working.

Speed of rotation

  • mixer 65-250 rpm.,
  • Blender 2000 – 12000 rpm.

Working time

  • Mixer: 10 minutes, steep dough – 5 minutes. Break: 30 minutes.
  • Blender: 3 minutes. Break: 1 minute. Turbo mode: 2-3 seconds.
  • Grinder: 3 minutes. Break: 1 minute.

It’s hard to list all the functions of a kitchen machine, there are so many. See: preparation of creams, dough of any density, from pancake to dumplings. Process minced meat, poultry and fish coarse minced/patted , sausages and kebabs. Smoothies, puree soups, sauces including mayonnaise, baby food, smoothies, ice maker. And this we have listed only the most basic. In the recipe book, which is included, 29 recipes, and that’s not all the dishes that appear on your menu.


  • Auto power off in case of overheating. In this case, it is recommended to let the kitchen machine rest for 30 minutes.
  • Autolock when hinged unit is raised.

The zigmund & shtain combi steamer


The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine can work as a blender, planetary mixer or meat grinder. But not at the same time, you can not use three devices at once, only one at a time. When you turn on the meat grinder or blender the mixer attachment will still rotate – one motor. At first it is a little confusing, but you quickly get used to it.

Combine zigmund & shtain

Planetary mixer

The nozzle doesn’t just spin in a circle. The geometry of the movement is more complex – you can see it. So the mixer mixes ingredients more homogeneously and whips creams faster.


In addition to the sixth speed can include a turbo mode the blender works only when you turn the knob . This mode is needed for chopping the most stubborn ingredients.


Works at any speed. We used a third. Enough for ground beef and pork cutlets. A little unaccustomed to the fact that the meat grinder is high. You can use the bowl of the mixer so that the stuffing goes there. But I liked it better to remove the bowl of the mixer in general and put a large bowl, it is more convenient.


During the test, not once did the Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine overheat or shut down.

We leisurely turned two kilos of meat pork and beef into mince in 3 minutes.

The cheesecake batter of 800g cottage cheese, 5 eggs and a couple of spoonfuls of semolina was mixed in 5 minutes.

In 2-3 minutes made a smoothie with banana, kiwi, milk and ice cream.

Especially liked the delicate noise of this kitchen machine. It is quieter than many planetary mixers, allowing you to work quietly in the kitchen without any discomfort.



Power: 1200 W.

Noise level: &le 85dB.

Dimensions: 34×18×33 cm.

Weight: 5.3 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Lifetime: 3 years.

Video review


Compact size and good value for money. The opportunity to buy a device “three in one” for an adequate price is a dream of many American housewives. Intelligent geometry of planetary mixer nozzles. Extended meat grinder package. The blender’s glass jug is eco-friendly and durable. Low noise level.

Too bad you can’t buy attachments for making noodles or juicing, for example.

the consumer recommends 2021

The Zigmund & Shtain De Luxe ZKM-950 kitchen machine receives the Consumer Recommendation 2021 diploma

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