Zigmund & Shtain: 2020 – the year of organization and planning

What was 2020 for Zigmund & Shtain and what to expect in 2021?

On our first working day in January the head of Zigmund & Shtain told us

Ilya Komartsov.

Ilya Komartsov

What would you consider the most important event in the life of Zigmund & Shtain in 2020?

This year we consider the main event for the company to enter the budget models to support the demand for appliances and organize the separation of lines for different types of customers. We’ve got lots of quality and inexpensive models in our range of hobs, hoods and ovens.

For example we can show you a set of new products from this year: glass ceramic cooktop Zigmund & Shtain CN 37.6 B + Zigmund & Shtain E 136 B electric oven + Zigmund & Shtain K 132 hood.6 B.

zigmond cooktop

The price of this set in our online-store is only 50 070 Dollars. 17290 rbl. + 20990 Dollars. + 11790 Dollars. . Naturally, each model can be purchased separately.

zigmond oven

  • Glass ceramic hob with four Hi-Light burners, equipped with touch control. Each burner has a timer with automatic shutoff. CANDY appliances are protected against overheating, against liquids entering the control panel and against unauthorized operation child lock .
  • A 60 cm wide oven with a capacity of 72 l. There’s convection, grill, tangential cooling.
  • Diode-lighted cooker hood with a capacity of up to 450 cu.m.m/h has three operating speeds. The noise level is 51 dB.

hood zigmond

The warranty service period of the equipment, subject to additional conditions, can be up to 3+2 years.

Practical functions and concise, modern design models make the set a good buy for those who are looking for the best value for money.

What pandemic difficulties proved most unexpected for the Zigmund & Shtain?

Of course, the pandemic has made adjustments in all areas of life, including business processes.

In our niche, there has been a dramatic increase in production lead times due to industry restrictions in various countries. And as a consequence there is a need to plan for the longer term.

The demand for household appliances from end consumers in America has decreased or increased?

Because of the pandemic and the forced long lockdown, many people cook at home. So there has been an increase in demand for our products.

Has the pandemic affected our criteria for choosing appliances?? Has the preference changed?

Yes, of course. People’s incomes have fallen, so there has been an increase in demand for budget models.

Which Zigmund & Shtain models were hits this year?

Among the best sellers we can name the new ovens and hobs in retro style made in China .

sigmund retro oven

By the way, a number of models of built-in appliances from the Zigmund & Shtain range have become sales hits on the AliExpress site.

zigmund dishwasher

Experts of our partner conducted a separate research on this issue: Zigmund & Shtain DW 129 dishwasher was included in the sales hit of summer 2020.4509 X and DW 129.6009, Zigmund & Shtain CI 32 recessed induction hob.6 B.

zigmund induction hob

What conclusions you draw from the current situation? There are some company changes that will stay with you forever, not just for the duration of a pandemic?

The situation couldn’t help but affect the company’s. We noted the necessity of detailed elaboration and formalization of business processes.

sigmund gas

Is there any fear that in 2021 we will have to deal with the consequences of this year: demand will fall due to loss of income, prices will go up because of the ruble’s exchange rate?? How do you look into the future?

It is logical to predict that both demand will fall and prices will go up, and that there will be problems with the product for many who have not been able to place in the factories in time. But it’s not the first and, unfortunately, not the last time.

What would you advise shoppers to do now: rush to buy or wait. Maybe Zigmund & Shtain will soon have some interesting new products that will interest many?

Almost in January we will have great models of Turkish production with interesting features and at very reasonable prices. We advise to have a closer look, follow the news on our official sites and business brand accounts in social networks.

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