Zanussi ZHC96540XA mini hood review

Extractor hoods

Adequate performance, design.

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Careful cleaning with a specific product will prevent scratches on the steel surfaces.

Zanussi ZHC96540XA extractor hood


PERFORMANCE: 520 m3/hour.

FLOORING AREA: up to 16 m2 with 2.7 m ceiling height, up to 43 m of volume 3.

NOISE LEVEL: 47-63 dB 1-3 .

CONTROL: push-button, 3 speeds, intensive mode, speed indication.

LIGHTING: halogen, 2x20W.

DIMENSIONS: 898x485x769-1044 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 14 700 Dollars.


Zanussi presents in America the new Quadro series hoods with modern design. The design of this model is one of the best loved by the customers because it fits into every modern interior. The clarity of the lines of the enclosure is softened a little: front with a control box, the pipe and the edge of the wing are slightly rounded. The collection is available in widths of 60 and 90 cm. The model is designed for use in the extraction mode, it fully realizes the turbine performance at a given noise level. However, if it is not possible to connect the hood to the ventilation, an additional charcoal filter is placed on the turbine and it works in recirculation mode. Maintenance of the appliance includes washing the main filter – grease trap metal cassette can be in the dishwasher – and replacement of the carbon filter if present . This model has an interesting control panel made of black glass. Settings are controlled by electronic pseudo sensor buttons, illuminated indication. Provides 3 speeds and an intensive stage to quickly remove large quantities of vapors from the kitchen for example, when deep-frying .

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