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The long-awaited novelty of summer FiiO X3 III – an improved model of the world superhit FiiO X3 second generation. The balanced output, which was not present in previous generations of X3 players, opens up a special breadth of sound stage and extracts more sound details. With a 3.5mm jack and a 2.5mm balanced output – so you can use both balanced and regular headphones.

Audio Engineering

The third-generation player will give you improved sound, and your playlist will appear to you in its pristine form, free of unwanted distortion. All thanks to its dual high-performance PCM5242 DAC. When you connect balanced headphones these chips do an excellent job of suppressing noise and providing a higher signal to noise ratio.

The circuitry of the FiiO X3 III separates the DAC, Bass Filter and Amplifier, notably reducing the negative influence of external factors on sound quality. In particular, the third generation FiiO X3 uses three separate boards – one for digital processing, one for analog amplification and, finally, a third for Bluetooth connectivity. It delivers outstanding sound quality whether you choose to listen through wires or use wireless transmission.

Audio equipment

Another indisputable advantage of the latest model FiiO X3 III-is the departure from complexity in favor of increasing the functionality of just one button. New multifunctional button, one click on which allows you to control playback or EQ, switch playlists and change the design theme will make you take a new look at the control of such a high-tech device. The approximate price in the American market is 15790 Dollars.

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