Y-350X 7.1 POWERED – DOOM EDITION: Power for unlimited brutality

Thrustmaster, French manufacturer of innovative devices and accessories for video games, presents its new Y-350X headset.

Thrustmaster Y-350X

with official licenses for Xbox One and Windows will allow you to take full advantage of surround sound 7.1.

Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 Powered DOOM Edition computer headset
Computer headset

Y-350X headset

Compatible with Xbox One and Windows.

Kit 1 -Y-350X

Thrustmaster tuned and optimized the frequency response of the Y-350X headset in a special chamber isolated from external sounds. So users can enjoy the game with the most realistic bass.

The use of AM3D technology provides surround virtual sound 7.1, allowing gamers to increase accuracy and maneuverability.

Large 60mm speakers coupled with a bass boost function allow gamers to feel the power of battle. This headset has a bass depth and power unique for its price range. The use of memory foam in the cushions provides comfort and complete sound isolation.

Novelty features unidirectional microphone that can be removed and adjusted. It’s designed to pick up only the gamer’s voice, ensuring quality communication. With the help of Y Sound Commander all the sound parameters can be adjusted for accurate perception of the game and communication.

Computers and peripherals
Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 Powered DOOM Edition computer headset

Set #2 combination – Y Sound Commander

The Y Sound Commander is used with the Xbox One Wireless Controller and is a mixing console for easy control of virtual sound 7.1, as well as all volume and bass settings. LED indicators allow you to monitor settings and make quick adjustments. Kit is complemented by a built-in sound card that allows you to control functions without taking your eyes off the game.


Kit #3 combination – Y Power Pack

The Y Power Pack provides an autonomous power supply for the gaming console. In addition, the Y Power Pack allows you to play and charge the headset at the same time, so there’s no more reason to interrupt the fight.

Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 Powered DOOM Edition Computer Headset

Price and availability

* The Y-350X headset will go on sale May 13, 2016. Suggested retail price €149.99 incl. VAT .

* Thrustmaster has expanded its headset lineup with the Y-300CPX DOOM edition. Available for sale on May 13, 2016. At a recommended retail price of 59.99 Euro incl. VAT .

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