Xerox announces the launch of printers and MFPs based on the updated Xerox ConnectKey platform

Xerox officially announced the launch of printers and MFPs on the American market, based on the renewed Xerox® ConnectKey® platform with a unified interface. Xerox’s innovative technology has expanded customization features in the new print devices and created an “open application ecosystem”.


VersaLink B7035

Xerox held a press conference in New York on May 30th to announce the largest product launch in its history and the launch in America of printers and MFPs based on the renewed Xerox® ConnectKey® platform. In total the new VersaLink® and AltaLink® families include 29 printing devices for small, medium and large offices.

“Digital transformation is increasingly influencing the evolution of the workplace and workflow. According to IDC forecasts, by 2020 almost all strategic investments in IT will be somehow associated with the third platform, which was formed at the intersection of cloud and mobile technologies, big data and social networks – says Boris Dubov, Marketing Director of Xerox Eurasia. – In a world of instantly available information, the main advantage of printers and MFPs is not the speed of printing, but the ability to solve each user’s current tasks.

“With the upgraded Xerox® ConnectKey® platform with advanced personalization capabilities, we have made printers and MFPs into complete business systems that can handle any office task,” commented Elena Teplushkina, Head of Product Marketing of Office Equipment at Xerox America. – With the launch of the VersaLink® and AltaLink® lines, we are opening another chapter in the Xerox story and offering the market a whole new experience with information and documents.”.

According to Xerox research, office workers spend about 20-40% of their working time on documents. The printers and MFPs, based on Xerox® ConnectKey® upgraded technology, reduce those losses by simplifying standard tasks, speeding up and automating workflows.

Computers and peripherals

Features of VersaLink and AltaLink product lines.

The VersaLink® and AltaLink® lines of printers and MFPs share common benefits based on the capabilities of the updated Xerox® ConnectKey® platform:

Revolutionary intuitive interface

Xerox® ConnectKey®-based printers and MFPs use the same control principles as smartphones. All 29 models in the VersaLink® and AltaLink® lines have a single touch interface that lets you add, move and delete icons with a single touch, just like on mobile devices. And every user can customize the interface to his or her needs and set up easy access to the features that are most important to him or her.

Reliable protection of devices and data

Thanks to Xerox’ partnership with industry leaders in data security McAfee and Cisco, Xerox® ConnectKey®-based office equipment can be used successfully in organizations with the highest security standards. Xerox printing devices come with solutions already installed to protect system files and data in multiple layers. In particular, these tools can monitor and prevent unauthorized access. In addition, secure transmission and handling of sensitive information is guaranteed by encryption and automatic hard drive overwrite.


VersaLink C400

Mobile and cloud support

According to a survey conducted by Xerox in Western Europe and North America, senior executives at large companies believe that by 2018 only 9% of key business processes will be paper-based. Therefore, when upgrading the Xerox® ConnectKey® platform, special attention was paid to interacting directly with cloud services and mobile devices. Documents digitized by VersaLink® and AltaLink® printers and MFPs can be transferred to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Office 365 and Google Drive with a single touch. New products can also print from the cloud and from mobile devices.

Personalization options

Each user can customize Xerox® VersaLink® and AltaLink® printers and MFPs by installing and uninstalling apps, just like on smartphones and tablets. The optimal application configuration is determined automatically according to the characteristics of the printing device.

Companies and individuals can tailor printing devices to their needs with apps from the Xerox App Gallery. For example, MFPs can automatically translate documents into more than 40 languages, run fast streaming processing of medical records, real estate purchase contracts or invoices. If the application you need isn’t in the gallery, Xerox partners can develop one specifically for the organization requesting it.


VersaLink C405

Price and availability

Xerox® VersaLink® B400/B405, Xerox® VersaLink® C400/C405 and Xerox® VersaLink® B7025/30/35 are now available to order. The entire line of printing devices will be on the market by the end of the third quarter.

Prices for the models:

Xerox VersaLink B400DN printer – from 31300 p

Printer Xerox VersaLink C400N – from 31000 p

MFP Xerox VersaLink B405DN – from 41000 p

MFP Xerox VersaLink C405N – from 54000 p

MFP Xerox VersaLink B7025 – from 72000 p

Xerox VersaLink B7030 MFP – from 86000 p

Xerox VersaLink B7035 MFPs – from 140,000 p

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