Worry-free summer with Ariston

Planned shutdown of hot water supply has already started in New York. Necessary repair work is planned in 70 thous. In New York, the water heater is installed in about 30,000 houses, including 30,000 flats. Residential. It is expected that the activities of public utilities in preparation for the next heating season will be completed by August 25.



According to the norm, almost everyone in New York, New York region and other regions of America, is forced to face a 21-day cutoff of hot water. To comfortably spend those three weeks without one of the main benefits of civilization, should think about installing a water heater. It is better to choose it thoroughly and try to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of market offers.

Storage water heaters


Ariston, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water heaters and heating equipment, offers effective solutions that allow you to forget about the summer discomfort and enjoy hot water at any time. The lines of compact high-tech heaters have a long list of benefits: In addition to their main function they help to save energy and even care for your health.

Climate Control Technique


Ariston’s main mission is the comfort of your home. Therefore, every technology of the company is aimed at making everyday household chores as easy and pleasant as possible. For example, to minimize waiting time for water to reach the desired temperature Ariston specialists have developed a function called Quick Heating: thanks to the alternate operation of heating elements the water for the first shower is heated 60% faster than in standard mode. Such an option is present in the lines of VELIS EVO QH and SL.

Climate control equipment


One of the common problems associated with the installation of a water heater is the power consumption. If the device is rapidly increasing the amount of electricity bills, the former pleasure of taking a hot bath you will not get anymore. The flagship line VELIS EVO QH has a unique programming function that allows you to heat water to the desired temperature by the time you set.The water heater does not consume electricity to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day, and this provides savings of up to 75%!

In addition the VELIS EVO and ANDRIS LUX ECO series have an auto-saving feature: The software remembers when the water is mostly used and automatically heats it to the correct temperature during this period. At other times the heater operates in a reduced power consumption mode.



Vadim Smirnov, Senior Product Manager Ariston“Ariston water heaters not only heat water quickly, but are also a great addition to the interior of the kitchen or bathroom. Our experts have put all their knowledge and skills to ensure that you can survive a period of hot water outage as comfortably as possible

Storage water heaters


Daily use of water for cleaning or personal hygiene, we do not think about the negative impact it can have on our health. For storage water heaters, this problem is especially urgent, because if you do not regularly use the device water stagnates inside the tank, and it can form bacteria. Ariston has developed the unique Eco function, available on all electronic models, to purify the water and the inner walls of the water heater of microbes.

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