Wood heads up: the Dremel Workstation (220)

Wood is the most common material in construction and home decoration. Valued for its durability, ruggedness and green credentials. Wood is not as capricious as glass or ceramic tile, but you still need to know the basic rules of working with it. Let’s start with the easy part, like drilling a hole.


The Dremel Workstation 220

What you’ll need:

  • Dremel 3000
  • Wood Drill Bit Set 636
  • The Dremel Workstation 220
  • wooden plywood
  • safety glasses.

Let’s get to work

The Dremel Workstation 220 is ideal for stationary projects. Put your Dremel 3000 multitool on it. To do this, put the tool upright on the workstation fixture, with the threads facing down. Secure it with the wrench included with the Dremel Workstation.

Select the drill bit based on the thickness of your future hole. Install it in the tool collet and secure it with a wrench.

Adjust the depth of your future hole with the marked ruler on the Dremel Workstation. It’s a really handy feature, especially if you want to make a blind hole. Note that the workstation isn’t limited to 90 degree increments only. It also allows you to adjust the angle in 15 degree increments.

Set the maximum RPM on the Dremel 3000. Gently and carefully guide the core drill into the hole. This will make the hole straight and without chipping around the edges.Push the handle on the workstation down as far as it will go. The hole is ready.

Good to know:

  • The Workstation is made for using one tool at a time.
  • Do not hang tool on bracket when another tool is already installed.
  • When you drill round parts, clamp them with wedges or vise grips.



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