Wireless weather station VITEK VT-6412

The VITEK VT-6412 not only displays room temperature and humidity, it also records humidity readings. 24 hours it provides accurate information about the current state of weather conditions.


The wireless weather station Vitek VT-6412 consists of the main unit, which is placed indoors, and the remote sensor, attached to the window outside. External sensor station will provide accurate data, which are displayed on the color display as a vivid picture of the actual weather, as well as indicators of humidity and temperature outside.

The display also shows room temperature, current time, date and day of the week.

The front side of the weather station is a glossy panel in beautiful white with touch buttons.

The range of wireless sensor up to 50 meters, which allows you to put the weather station at any convenient place.

Multifunctionality of the device makes it possible to know the temperature in the house and outside, the humidity, as well as to use it as a watch with an alarm clock function.

The weather station features two independent alarm clocks and sleep mode.

Thanks to the indication of the days of the week in 7 additional languages, the weather station can be a nice gift for people of any nationality.

Novelty works on three 3A batteries or adapter, which is provided with the device.


Color display, touch panel.

Functionality: 4 types of weather forecast, indication of indoor and outdoor temperature, room humidity, current time and date, indication of week days in 7 additional languages, double alarm clock and sleep mode.

Device: wireless unit with a remote wired sensor, the range of the wireless device up to 50 m, an external wired sensor for a wireless unit down to -30C˚ .

Power supply: 3xAA batteries/AAC adapter for the base unit, 2xAA batteries for the wireless unit.

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