Why overpay: the economy class microwave ovens are not worse than the premium models

Among the microwaves tested by Roskachevo, the economy class models were not inferior to premium models and ovens in terms of functionality and energy efficiency. Roskachestvo presented an updated rating of microwave ovens, which added 8 new models. Now it consists of 63 different microwave ovens, from the simplest microwave to the premium class appliances.


Microwave with basic functions was not worse than premium models

Test results showed that the simplest microwave ovens can perform basic functions no worse than expensive microwave ovens and stoves. The cost of microwave mainly depends not on the quality of heating or defrosting food, but on the presence of different cooking modes, functionality, chamber volume the size of the microwave , materials used – parameters that primarily affect the ease of use, experts say.

No clear favorite – a microwave that operates quietly, heats food evenly, and the basic functions of heating and defrosting work well, no. Each of the models has its own strengths and can outperform the competition in one area but yield in others, as confirmed by laboratory testing Roskachestvo.

For example, in terms of basic functions, such as heating and defrosting, the Hisense H20MOWS1 is not only the leader among the models in the study, but also the best option in terms of price and quality indicators performance, power consumption, convenience, etc. . d. . This microwave oven for 6 thousand Dollars at the time of the study perfectly copes with heating and defrosting the food – the food heats evenly, as evidenced by the temperature measured in 21 points of the dish. The Hisense H20MOWS1 was also the fastest to cook lasagna in 21 minutes.

It is worth noting that the same model of microwave oven is the most economical of the eight studied in t.ch. ovens . With 700W of power, the Hisense H20MOWS1 has the lowest power consumption.

The top five microwave ovens and ovens studied also included appliances from brands AEG, Candy, Smeg and Caso.


Microwave grill function is not determinative of purchase

Before starting the research, Roskachestvo conducted a user opinion poll to find out how important the grill function is when choosing a microwave. “For 88% of respondents, which is the vast majority of users, the grill function in the microwave oven is not decisive in the choice – said the head of international research Marina Borovkova. – With the basic tasks, such as heating and defrosting, and cope with the most common microwave ovens with minimal functionality, and do it no worse than the “advanced” models “.

Nevertheless, for consumers for whom the grill function in the microwave is decisive, the best model with such a function on the test results was the Candy CMXG22DS/ST priced from 10 thousand Dollars. That said, this oven cooks very average: cheaper models can handle the basic functions of heating and defrosting.

What parameters to consider when choosing a microwave

Microwave volume and power are important, but usually do not affect quality. Stove for 20-23 liters and power 800-1000 W is enough for all basic tasks: from defrosting to cooking simple dishes. One person or a small family does not need to overpay for the volume, because the cost of more powerful and large ovens is much higher.

It’s dangerous to heat food in the microwave using plastic containers

Many people heat food in plastic containers, thinking that since the container is food-safe. However, plastic can contain toxic bisphenol-A, phthalates and other potentially harmful compounds that migrate into food when heated.

Plastic containers for heating in the microwave oven should have a special marking – the microwave oven icon. Not all food containers are labeled this way. So if you don’t see this mark on plastic containers, it’s always best to transfer your food to glass or ceramic cookware.

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