Why LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators keep food fresher longer

LG introduced multi-door refrigerators in the hot summer of 2021:

LG Refrigerator

  • LG GX-X22FTALL in steel.
  • LG GR – X24FMKBL – in shining black color.

Food stays fresh as long as possible, regardless of the air temperature in the room, because the special technology provides the best storage conditions, and a clever organization of space increases the ease of use.

LG Refrigerator

  1. InstaView technology

No need to open the door to remember what’s in the fridge before going to the store. Tap twice on the tinted window glass on the door to turn on the light and illuminate the refrigerator’s chamber.

LG refrigerator door

2. Door-in-Door Technology

Additional compartment in the refrigerator door can be used to store food that is needed especially often. The use of a separate door reduces the loss of cold air inside the chamber, which positively affects the energy-saving performance as well.

LG Refrigerator Dispenser

3. Slim Space Plus ice making system

Simply bring a glass to the dispenser and enjoy a cool drink.

Replaceable 900-liter water filter removes chlorine taste and odor, reduces lead, mercury, asbestos and benzene. The water is additionally disinfected with UV-Nano, a double filter that has a photocatalyst and uses the properties of ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and fungi.

LG GC-X22FTALL refrigerators have an integrated independent water and ice dispenser, which does not require a water connection: no need to connect hoses and additional changes to the overall water system in the house.

4. Advanced folding shelf with two types of folding is suitable for storing large and bulky food or dishes.

5. A special compartment to keep small portions such as cold cuts, cheese slices or fish specialities separate from the main cabinet and keep aromatic foods in a separate, compact shelf.

6.Hygiene Fresh+ system uses a 5-stage filter that eliminates most of the causes of food spoilage: dust, fungal spores, sour, alkaline odors and bacteria. The system eliminates up to 99.9% of airborne harmful substances, prolonging the shelf life of food and cleaning the air in the refrigerator.

7. LG DoorCooling+ technology: an additional stream of cool air is blown from the top of the refrigerator to cool the interior evenly and up to 32% faster, including the door shelves.

8. LG ThinQ app is used for remote control: the smartphone screen provides up-to-date information about the temperature inside the fridge compartment and it is possible to set a new mode, activate or deactivate the express-freezing mode, as well as to run the diagnostic system.

LG refrigerators

The new models of refrigerators can be purchased in LG company online store and in large trading networks of home appliances and electronics.

LG GR X24FMKBL refrigerator with the volume of 750 l.

LG GC-X22 FTALL 570 L refrigerator.

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