Whole fish zrazy

We will need:

Whole Fish Zrazy_iz_celnoi_ryby_op

400 grams of fish fillets,

Add 125 ml of milk,

70 grams of onions,

2 Tbsp.l. butter,

1 boiled egg,

black pepper to taste,

3 Tbsp.l. flour,

2 Tbsp. l. Parsley,


cooking method:

Season fillet with salt and pepper. Finely chop onions. Stir the flour thoroughly in the milk. Finely chop egg and mix with milk, herbs and onion. Put the resulting mixture on each fillet and roll them up. Pour 2 measuring cups of water into a bowl, put a steam plate on it, put the zrazy. Select Steam mode, level 2, time 45 minutes.

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