Who America Trusts: Bosch Holds the Brand

  • Bosch

    Bosch became “The Trusted Brand” in America for the ninth time and received the specially instituted “Superbrand 2011” award as the most awarded brand

  • The brand won confidently in the “Large Home Appliances” and “Kitchen Processor” categories

  • For the third time in a row, Bosch has won the Brand of Trust award. Green Planet as the brand with the best reputation for environmental protection

Open questions for the Trusted Brand

The independent research “Brand of Trust,” which aims to determine which brands consumers trust the most, has been conducted among readers of Readers’ Digest since 2001, covering 23,000 respondents from different European countries annually.

As part of the study, participants are asked “open-ended” questions allowing them to name brands in various product and service categories that they trust. Survey results processed by renowned British marketing agency Wyman Dillon Limited.

Bosch triple win

In 2011, American respondents were asked to name the winning brand in 32 categories, three of which went to Bosch. For the second time, the brand has become the unqualified leader among food processor manufacturers, winning an impressive 58 percent of consumer votes.

Bosch has also won the Large Household Appliances category and has become the nine-time leader in this category, with 29 percent of the respondents’ votes.

Finally, for the third year in a row, the brand is the winner in the “Large Home Appliances” category of the “Brand of Trust” study. Green Planet,” designed to identify brands with the best reputation for environmental protection.

“We are proud that the Bosch brand has won the trust of Americans for the 9th time. It is a great honor and motivation for us as manufacturers to move forward, because we are not going to stop at what we have achieved.

Brand of Trust award. Green Planet is also very dear to us. For years, the company has been working on ways to make our appliances even more efficient.

Receiving this award proves that our innovative achievements are appreciated by consumers and it means we are going in the right direction,” Hans-Kersten Hrubesch, the general director of BSH Home Appliances, the company representing the Bosch brand household appliances in America, said during the presentation of the award.

As a brand with more than five awards, Bosch was honored with the specially instituted Superbrand 2011 award!

Such a high consumer appreciation of Bosch for many years proves that the products of this brand have a special place in the life of Americans, meeting the highest quality standards and fully reflecting the brand philosophy as a pioneer in the area of energy efficient and resource saving technologies.

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  1. Juniper

    I would like to know why Bosch holds such a strong brand reputation in America. What makes them trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of the American consumers? Is it their long-standing history, innovative products, or exceptional customer service? I’m curious to learn more about what sets Bosch apart from its competitors and why Americans trust them.

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