Whirlpool side-by-side fridges: ‘white ice’ and ‘black mirror’

The new models: Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W, Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+M and Whirlpool WSF 5574 A+NX, – combine innovative technologies and sophisticated design and are available in the colors “white ice”, “black mirror” and “techno steel. Elegant side-by-side refrigerators with built-in touch screen panels will change any kitchen and emphasize impeccable taste and high status of the owner.

Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W side-by-side refrigerator

The white WSG 5588 A+W and its mirror-black WSG 5588 A+M “antipode” embody the most recognisable features of the iconic Whirlpool Glamour design concept that is marked by the particular aesthetic and elegance of the shapes and forms.

The glossy glass panel and the flat aluminium handles accentuate the harmonious design, while the integrated control panel and ultra-fashionable HI-TECH interior design.

The Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W and Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+M models will be appreciated by the fans of health food – the Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W fridges are equipped with the Nature Fresh system, which allows to extend the storage time of fruits and vegetables. The secret behind all this technology is a special sachet that absorbs the ethylene produced by fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to the Nature Fresh system, healthy food tastes great and stays fresh for longer. And the InDoor Crisper drawer provides extra storage space for the “strategic stock” of fruit.

The steel-silver WSF 5574 A+NX is designed according to the Nova design concept. This model is the epitome of minimalism, austerity and alluring, aristocratic simplicity. Its stylish and minimalistic appearance combines high technology and unprecedented functionality.

What sets this new fridge-freezer apart from the rest of the 2012 range, apart from the design solution, is the Fast Cooling system and the two temperature zones that ensure an optimal climate for gentle storage of different kinds of food.

The three 2012 side-by-side models feature the innovative technology that is a hallmark of Whirlpool. First of all, it is the intelligent system “6th Sense”, which is “responsible” for the microclimate inside the fridge compartment.

Highly precise sensors register even the slightest temperature fluctuations and keep the temperature at the right level. With it, even perishable food stays as fresh as when you buy it for a long time.

The MultiFlow ventilation system distributes cool air evenly and the antibacterial filtering system efficiently fights bacteria and odours. The air passes through the special antibacterial filter Hygiene, which is able to trap and remove impurities in the air and preserve your products.

For a wide range of products – from chilled meat to greens – Whirlpool refrigerators have Bio Zone “freshness zone”. It maintains optimal temperature, for proper storage.

Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators are incredibly easy to use and don’t require defrosting. The Total No Frost system circulates cool air through the interior all the time, keeping ice out.

New models come with automatic ice maker and water dispenser with electronic keys and stylish, practical backlighting.

Whirlpool’s new side-by-side refrigerators are part of the company’s Green Generation range as well as other environmentally-friendly appliances. These models are among the most energy efficient – Energy Class A+. They use 25% less energy than Class A refrigerators.

The new Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator models are now available.

Recommended price:

  • Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W “White Ice” – 99,990 Dollars.
  • Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+M “Black Mirror” – 9990 Dollars.
  • Whirlpool WSF 5574 A+NX “Technostal” – 85 990 Dollars.


Side-by-side Glamour refrigerators


– Whirlpool WSG 5588 A+W “White Ice”

– WSG 5588 A+M “Black Mirror”

– Sixth Sense” technology

– Total No Frost technology

– Overall capacity 546 litre.:

– – Refrigerator compartment 340 l.

– – Freezer compartment 206 litres.

– Electronic control 6th Sense

– Stylish display with white indicators

– Automatic water dispenser and ice maker with electronic buttons and practical lighting

– Total No Frost cooling system

– Multi Flow ventilation system

– Bio Zone fresh zone

– Extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables with Nature Fresh

– InDoor Crisper fruit drawer

– Hygiene antibacterial filter

– Energy Class A+

– Glamour design solution

– With integrated control panel and aluminum handles

– Dimensions WxWxG , cm: 178h90h70

– Manufacture: Italy

Side-by-side Nova fridge


– Whirlpool WSF 5574 A+NX “Technostal”

– Total volume 546 l.:

– – 340 litre fridge compartment.

– – Freezer compartment 206 l.

– Electronic controls 6th Sense

– Stylish display with white text

– Automatic ice maker and water dispenser with electronic keys and comfortable backlight

– 2 temperature zones

– Total No Frost cooling system

– Bio Zone fresh zone

– Multi Flow ventilation system

– Fast Cooling Fast Cooling

– Hygiene anti-bacterial filter

– Energy Class A+

– Nova design solution

– with integrated control panel

And aluminium handles

– Dimensions HxWxD , cm: 178x90x70

– Manufacture: Italy

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