Whirlpool’s Art Gallery Hood collection has been honored by the international Red Dot Design Award 2013

New York, April 30, 2013. – Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, is proud to announce a new award in its portfolio – its exclusive Art Gallery Hood collection has received an honorary mention in the international Red Dot Design Award 2013. Award experts praised the design solution that allows you to transform and personalize the space of any kitchen, turning it into a personal art gallery.


The Art Gallery Hood collection is designed to create a unique ambiance in the home. It’s easy to transform your kitchen – install a Whirlpool hood in one of six designs. The unique style of decoration will not only decorate the space, but also tell the guests about the tastes of the owner.

Whirlpool Global Consumer Design drew inspiration from users’ ideas when designing the Art Gallery Hoods. The result of their work was a series of patterns, where bold colors draw the eye, a monochrome play of shadows excites the imagination, and vintage photographs bring back pleasant memories.

“We are very proud of another recognition of the success of our design research,” says Alessandro Finetto, senior director of consumer product design at Whirlpool. – Our company is always looking for individual solutions to meet the aesthetic needs of customers who consider the kitchen the heart of the home.

The Red Dot Design Award, which has existed since 1955, received more than 15,000 Red Dot Design Award nominations in 2012. applications from 70 countries, indicating the highest competition among nominees and the prestige of the award. In 2005, the goal of the award was defined as the search for new design concepts and innovations underlying the products of the future. An unbiased evaluation methodology underpins the competition platform, which involves both companies and design students. Today, the Red Dot Design Award is the largest and most highly regarded professional design competition for prototypes and design concepts.

Every year the Red Dot Institute publishes the Red Dot Design ranking of the top 15 companies, design studios and design organizations on the planet, recognized as the benchmark for the industrial design industry.

In 2012, 3,672 nominees from 57 countries participated in the Red Dot Design Award, including 113 design organizations, 262 companies and design studios, 906 designers and 1,245 design teams.

Today, the Red Dot Design Award is the only international award that has two world-class museums of its own, where the winners are exhibited. Each year, the best winning products are sent to the Design Museum in Singapore, where they are exhibited for at least one year. Their photos appear in the prize’s annual publications, program, traveling and online exhibitions, attracting millions of viewers.

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