Whirlpool MAX 38 microwave: MAXimum color, MAXimum function

New York, November 20, 2013. – Whirlpool, the leading manufacturer of home appliances, has introduced an updated line of microwave ovens Whirlpool MAX – MAX 38. As before, the Whirlpool MAX model range is characterized by its unusual and recognizable design, optimal ergonomics and outstanding functionality. Foodies will love the useful Crisp function, and the improved design and new colors of the ovens will transform every kitchen space. The Whirlpool MAX 38 microwave oven is available now in blue, steel and bright pink.

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Microwave ovens are relatively new on the market, but many people can no longer imagine their everyday life without them. 72% of Europeans who participated in the Whirlpool survey[1], have confessed that they “can’t live without” their oven. 66% of respondents stated that microwave ovens help them stay fit, thanks to healthy eating, and also provide a pleasant way to spend time, freeing them from a variety of household chores. Whirlpool’s new MAX 38 ovens fully live up to these characteristics – they have a place in any kitchen, and the useful features will help owners to prepare tasty and healthy dishes quickly and easily.

The Whirlpool MAX 38 microwave oven is versatile – there’s even room for it in a small kitchen. The rounded back wall allows you to install the oven in a corner to make the most efficient use of space, and the compact size of the device further simplifies this task. However, the MAX 38 won’t sit “demurely” in a corner – its original hi-tech design is designed to be a real eye-catcher. The color range of models also contributes to this – for America the ovens are available in three unusual colors: blue, bright pink and stainless steel. The unit is controlled by a touch panel placed under the flat glass door of the oven.

The MAX 38 will be indispensable in the owner’s culinary experiments. The line features Whirlpool’s exclusive “Crisp Crisp” technology. This company development allows you to cook your favorite dishes with evenly crispy crust on all sides. The secret of technology is the combination of a powerful grill, a system that maintains even heat and a unique plate that is heated by microwaves to 210 degrees.

Whirlpool MAX 38 is comparable to standard sized and shaped microwave ovens with a cooking chamber capacity of 13 liters and a turntable diameter of 28 cm. The modern 700-watt quartz grill in the MAX 38 ovens heats up faster than a conventional heating-air grill, consumes less power, and is easy to care for and clean.

The MAX 38 microwave oven includes Jet Defrost, an automatic defrosting technology based on the system of uniform spatial distribution of microwaves, and Jet Start instant start.

Child Lock system will help the owner to make the microwave oven absolutely safe for the youngest members of the family.

The Whirlpool MAX 38 microwave oven is already on sale in American stores.

Recommended price from 7999 Dollars.

[1] Consumers in France, Italy, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia took part in the survey.


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