Whirlpool introduces its 2014 collection of washing machines

New York, February 18, 2014. – Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, is also an experienced manufacturer of washing machines. For more than 100 years, the company has been bringing innovative technologies from the industry to the market. Earlier this year, Whirlpool introduced a new line of upright-loading washing machines. The flagship of the 2014 collection, the compact and functional Whirlpool AWTL 1271 model with the maximum load capacity of 7 kg will appear in the American home appliances stores in February. The new washing machine features the smart technology “6th Sense Colours”, which is gentle to delicate fabrics and allows to achieve great savings of resources.

Washing Machines

Washing machines with top loading are quite popular in America and abroad – these models are practical, they do not require extra space to open the hatch, so they can be installed even in a small area apartment. So, the novelty from Whirlpool will save space in the kitchen or bathroom, but do it without the slightest loss in performance – the maximum loading volume is 7 kg. This is enough even for a big family. Reel spin speed of 1200 rpm./m.

High functionality of the AWTL 1271 washing machine sets it apart from the competitors. At the center of all of the unit’s processes is the market-proven smart technology “6th Sense Colours. It allows you to protect your favourite items during washing and prolong their life, even if they are made of delicate fabrics or have “difficult” to care for shades.

The AWTL 1271 washing machine not only takes care of fabrics, but also conserves resources. The model belongs to energy efficiency class A++. What’s more, the new ‘6th Sense Colours” saves up to 50% of water, energy and time[1]. Special indicators in the washing machine determine the loading volume, correct the washing cycle and resource consumption during the whole process.

The new model from Whirlpool is equipped with the Soft-Opening system of drum flaps. It makes the appliance even easier to use: no more need to rotate the drum to retrieve the laundry.

The AWTL 1271 has 18 wash programs, including Colours 15°, Jeans, Economic Wash 19 liters , Quick wash, Hand wash, Delicate wash, Wool, Eco Cotton and more., Special modes are provided for white, light and dark items. In addition, the machine has prewash, intensive rinse, and forced stop with water drainage, as well as the child lock system.

The choice of the required washing programme and the overall process control is done by means of an intuitive electronic control system with an LCD display.

Whirlpool AWTL 1271 washing machine with a vertical load will appear in the range of American stores in February 2014. Recommended retail price of the device – from 23 990 Dollars.

[1] In comparison between the maximum load and 1 kg of laundry in washing machines with the technology “6th sense” washing program “Cotton 60 °”

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