Whirlpool home appliances won 5 awards of the National prize PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016

Whirlpool has won five National Consumer Electronics Product of the Year Awards and reaffirmed last year’s success in the categories of Best Washing Machine and Best Microwave. Independent experts and representatives of specialized print and online media awarded the victory to the company’s two brands, Whirlpool and Hotpoint, based on the results of tests and open voting by the jury.

Microwave ovens

Whirlpool appliances won 5 awards of the National Product of the Year Award 2016

National Award is supported by the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical household and computer equipment RATEK and leading American retailers. Retail stores place “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” stickers on winning brands’ home appliances, helping consumers make a choice.

Philip Kaltenbach, General Manager of Whirlpool America and Asia, said, “Five wins in the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award – is a great start for the launch of new models of home appliances in the American market in 2016. We are proud that leading American experts have once again highly appreciated Whirlpool and Hotpoint innovations and we are confident that consumers will appreciate our products and enjoy using them.


The 2016 leaders in the Best Washing Machines category were the new Whirlpool and Hotpoint models. The award jury noted the Whirlpool TDRL 60230 ergonomic upright washing machine with 6TH SENSE smart technology, which reduces water consumption and washing time by up to 50%. On sale since February 2016. Recommended retail price – 44 990 Dollars. .

Washing machines

Front model Hotpoint RZ1047 won the advantage with a completely new approach to washing. Hotpoint engineers developed Direct Injection technology, which turns detergent into an active mousse and can remove more than 100 types of stains at just 20°C, preserving color and fabric structure. Each model of the series is controlled by an LCD or digital display depending on the equipment , which support the Drive Me function. Electronic assistant will allow you to choose the optimal washing program for any type of laundry in just 4 steps. On sale since May 2016. The recommended retail price is 55,990 Dollars. .

Large appliances for the kitchen

The Hotpoint Day 1 refrigerator HF 9201 B RO won a special award, keeping food fresh without ice or frost thanks to advanced Total NoFrost airflow circulation technology. Active Oxygen 2.0, based on a new ozone-generating technology, automatically controls the opening of the door, reducing the appearance of bacteria by 90% and the formation of unpleasant odors by 70%. On sale since February 2016. Recommended retail price – 64 990 Dollars. .

A great appliance for the kitchen

In the Dishwashers category, the winner was Whirlpool WFO 3O33 DX model of the Supreme Clean series equipped with 6TH SENSE smart technology. Innovative approach to dishwashing delivers superior results in just one hour, saving up to 50% on water consumption. On sale since June 2016. Recommended retail price – 45 990 Dollars. .


The leader in the Best Microwave Oven category is the Hotpoint MWHA 13321 in the Max Chocolate range, specially designed for preparing delicious desserts according to the recipes of the best chocolatiers. This appliance brought the company its second consecutive win among small appliance brands in 2015 and 2016. On sale since April 2016. Suggested retail price – 19,990 Dollars. .

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