Where LG and LG SIGNATURE appliances are made

Natalia Smirnova visited LG plant in Korea and saw how LG washing machines and refrigerators are produced, as well as LG SIGNATURE premium technologies.

LG showroom in Korea

The LG factory in Changwon, in the south of the Korean peninsula, is impressive in size.

Here they make LG washing machines, LG refrigerators, and LG SIGNATURE premium appliances.

LG factory

How to assemble LG technique

The production process is 40% automated, but in 2022 we plan to open a new generation factory, which will be fully automated.

  • Production starts with the fact that the press gives the sheets of metal the desired shape in 7 seconds.
  • A special elevator is used to climb the conveyor.
  • Workers stand along the belt every half meter, each performing their part of the job.

LG factory

  • Technology moves along the line and gradually filled with electronics, necessary elements and gradually turns into a finished product.

LG refrigerators

  • Then the models move on to a quality control line, where people in red vests carefully test samples in three stages.

LG quality assurance

defect percentage is as low as 0.4%, all the equipment has time to be tested on the assembly line. Samples that do not pass the test are taken off the belt and sent for improvement. We saw no more than two or three models set aside. This is very little in such a large-scale production.

It takes 2.5 hours to produce one fridge, and a new model rolls off the assembly line every 17 seconds.

The washing machines are released even faster, every 10 seconds.

The total daily production volume of washing machines and refrigerators is 15-20 thousand pieces.

There is no warehouse for the finished production, the equipment is immediately loaded and transported to the port of Pusan, from where it is shipped to one of the 170 countries in the world.

Interestingly, the assembly line can simultaneously assemble different models with different equipment, designed for different markets.

How the Koreans work

The factory employs about 1,000 people both men and women .

Working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, with an hour for lunch and a 10 minute break every 2 hours.

The company cares about the comfort and safety of workers, so they are forbidden to lift parts weighing more than 5 kg. Semi-automatic robots with electric motors, capable of carrying loads, are provided for this purpose.

LG tries to transfer production to other countries, but the most high-tech devices Side-by-Side refrigerators, TwinWash washing machines, premium LG SIGNATURE appliances are produced only at home, where they better control the whole process and develop new technologies, which are later applied at the enterprises all over the world.

LG factory

There are many motivational signs on the factory tour. “Be first, be right, be smart” is a very characteristic of the company’s spirit and philosophy.


LG showroom

And at the factory we have visited the big show room where we have seen not only the LG novelties, but also had a chance to see what’s inside.

Evolution of LG technology is clearly demonstrated.

So, in the transparent case of a washing machine, you can see how they managed to increase the drum load by means of vibration sensors and improved balancing system, how two drums are washed simultaneously in a TwinWash machine, how the TurboWash360 technology has changed even more jets inside the drum spray water with a “shower” effect .

LG inverter motor

Smart Inverter motor

Among the new products in the showroom:

  • New washing machine with Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive AI DD technology,
  • DoorCooling+ fast-cooling refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door system,
  • LG Stayler steamer for clothes care,
  • NeoChef microwave ovens,
  • LG PuriCare air purifiers,
  • Vacuum cleaners from robots to upright models with wet cleaning ,
  • LG SIGNATURE line of premium household appliances.

LG showroom

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