When you need your Dremel

Dremel brand tools can handle the most difficult applications. a brand study conducted among experts and DIY enthusiasts from all over the world. Based on the answers, we’ve compiled a list of the applications where Dremel users use the tool most often.


When you need a Dremel

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1. Repairing damage on vehicles

The Dremel Multitool™ high-speed tool helps you remove rust and minor damage to car bodywork or bike frames. Generally the one-stop-shop will replace the whole piece, but the easier-to-replace shops will only do spot repairs. There is a cost for both. It’s easier and cheaper to do the work yourself. For example, the Dremel 8200 with its attachments and accessories, battery charger and carrying case is great for fixing cracks in plastic bumpers and the Dremel Versatip gas soldering iron with attachments.

2. Cutting and Setting

The Dremel is indispensable for precise and accurate cutting holes. For example, when installing a floor ventilation. The brand offers two types of cutting accessories: cut-off wheels and augers. Cutting discs cut metal, wood and plastic. The drills are used with the Dremel cutting attachments and will cut in any direction.

3. Spot Cleaning and Polishing

Dremel for cleaning and polishing includes brushes, felt tips, rubber bits for working on steel, aluminum, copper, silver, gold, or plastic. With the help of tools of this brand you can easily give a shine and brightness, for example, your favorite jewelry or rare coins. The Dremel 8100 is the perfect all-round cordless multitool with Li-ion technology and the innovative EZ Twist Nose cap. It can also do engraving work.

4. Unbeatable grinding and sharpening

Dremel has a variety of accessories that let you perform any kind of deburring, sharpening, cleaning and sanding on different materials. Garden tools are like new if you work on them with our brand of multitools.

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5. Gentle ceiling cutting

The Dremel is great for cutting out circular holes. It may be necessary, for example, when you’re installing light fixtures in a runner, or when you’re cutting a hole in the tile for a future socket. Dremel showed an example of such jobs at the first DIY educational seminar on October 15th at MAKERSPACE 1905 in New York.

6. Even cutting of the pipe

If you need to shorten plastic or metal pipes under the sink, the Dremel is just right. The powerful Dremel 4200 is the first oscillating tool with a built-in quick-change mechanism: the EZ Change.

7. Cutting screws and bolts

If a screw has been driven too deep into a wall, the Dremel multi-tool can help you cut it. Also indispensable when recovering a broken screw – the brand’s products help you cut a new slot cleanly. Cutting wheels are also handy for cutting sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. Don’t forget that Dremel’s fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels are designed for the toughest jobs.

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8. Working on doors

The door is stuck? No worries. You can fix a drafty or swollen entryway door in no time with the Dremel rotary tool.The sanding accessories and the Dremel Multi-Max 20 or the cordless Dremel 8100 also help get rid of annoying creaking doors. Simply sand the wood and oil the hinges.

9. Fixing small parts

Dremel multitools help you with even the smallest accessories and parts. The tool can handle wood, ceramic and plastic. If you want to attach the hinges to the shutters, mark on the frame where they will be attached. Use the Dremel Plunge Router Attachment 335 and router bits 615 and 650 to create hinge grooves in the shutters. Couldn’t be easier!

10. Remove the spoiled wood

The brand’s tools can help you cut some of the rotten wood out of a window frame and replace it with new wood. Door sill has a leak? This problem is solved just as easily with Dremel tools.

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