WhatsApp clones: Roskachestvo explains the dangers of enhanced apps

In our country WhatsApp messenger has long acquired a reputation as a comfortable and easy way to communicate with loved ones. In addition, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app in the world. It is used by 2 billion people.

In early July, the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, published a message on Twitter in which he warned users against installing fake versions of the messenger for Android. How to know if you are a clone and not to download malware – told the experts at Roskachevo Digital Expertise Center.


Clone apps of dubious origin regularly appear on unofficial online sites. Cathcart points out that malware is absent only on the Google Play marketplace. He particularly noted the suspicious studio HeyMods, which creates supposedly “improved” versions of its brainchild – Hey WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and other apps. In addition, the web offers to download the so-called mods short form for “modifications” . These are improved changes or additions to a particular app or game. Typically written by third party developers, often amateurs and distributed for free.

Sergey Kuzmenko, senior expert of Roskatchestvo for testing digital products:

“By downloading such an application, which can also be found on Play Market, the user should understand that he has installed on his device a kind of “spacer” between himself and the service. If you send your data over this channel, you can’t be completely sure that the transmission is reliable. App modifications are like flavor enhancers or flavorings in products. They’re not mandatory, but they’re kind of better, according to their creators themselves. Various modifications and enhancements will always stand between the official developer and the user. How much you need such digital “spice” – you decide for yourself. We would caution against using third-party software, especially downloaded from unofficial sources and not from direct developers. Roskatchestvo regularly talks about phishing and fraud in messengers. Before you download something, think whether you really need it. And if so, it’s better to look for official sites and developers with a name.”.

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